Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sprucing up on hygiene

We had to step up on hygiene - now that Aricia is recovered, we have to make sure she don't get it again. Weird attitudes we have, when we're ok and the kids get it we don't step up on hygiene that strictly. But when we get it; we step up on it. Should have done so earlier to prevent everyone from suffering.

KZ's more busy now. She washes our towels everyday by using the method I taught her - boiling it with soap and colour bleach + she adds a little Dettol in it. Potent combination but what the heck! She changes the children bedsheets every day; changes my pillow case every day. On top of that, using the Dettol spray to spray on the pillows and the whole bed (not like I roll all over the bed). We spray quite alot of things apart from her usual cleaning up the house. We spray whenever we touch anything even though we've washed our hands. The doorknobs, the toys. Ai yah..........so easy jusy spray and spray.

We let her dry her hands by using the tissue paper instead of the hand towels. Coz' we wash very often... and then dry our hands with them. Though technically our hands should be clean but......better to play safe.

Spray so much that our new bottle is almost finished. Had to rush out to buy more, I could only grab the last 2 on the shelf. We still have 1 1/2 big bottles of Dettol. 1 1/2 bottle of Dettol handwash, don't think we'll finish that much- must be insane.
Reminds me of the SARS period, where I disinfect all the time.

Hubby is not aware of the extreme we're doing - of course he's at work. (but wait till he sees the utilities bill lor!) Then when he comes back and touch the children, I tell him to wash his hands - he shrugs it off! He's always like that, even when it was the SARS period. I told him to wash his hands and change his clothes before touching Athena, he won't listen. He thinks I'm crazy, probably so with me cooped up at home and imagination runs wild.
Now that he's having a little sore throat, I tell him to be more cautious with the children. Dowan to pass to children, and then I suffer again.

Aricia will be back in school tomorrow. As for che-che, she should be going back to school. But I may have to see how it goes, coz' if it took Aricia 1 week to get better, I was thinking her 2 days MC is not enough. And that girl was already complaining,"not fair! Mei-mei can have 1 week off." Wah.............she thinks skipping school is a luxury? She has alot of catching up to do. She thinks she's still in LCCC where she can skip school anytime?
Hope everyone recovers faster. It's so bloody uncomfortable. And then I am so conscious of people looking at me, I wear sunglasses - they give me one kind of funny look. This evening, the people in the kiosk looked at me. Must be thinking I'm crazy, wearing sunglasses.

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