Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Red Eyed Monster : Athena (Schooling from home)

School session starts at 7.50am. She gets her own free time till the lazy pig mummy aka teacher is up from bed.

Home school starts at 9.05am

1. Continuation of going through all the past-year papers. Finally finished all the papers & will start filing them in later.

2. Did Uncountable Nouns on the whiteboard yesterday. So today's a quick revision on Pronouns and Prepositions on the board. (something's wrong with my whiteboard, can't seem to use the wiper to wipe clean. Need the spray)

3. She copies what I wrote on the whiteboard into her notebook.

4. While doing so, teacher brings Aricia to sit infront of lappie and let her watch some Japanese songs videos online. (half the time, she keeps tilting sideways and tell me to scratch her backside. Eeeks!) then let her play an online alphabet game. She associates the banging any keys to getting the answer, which is not in this case (all her other games has this 'hit any key' concept) and it's annoying me. When she finally sees that I'm doing a left-click, she clicks every time. Sigh...........



5. She did her Grammar book on Uncountable Nouns, Prepositions, Pronouns, while I surf the net for children websites. I've bookmarked far too much, was suppose to do housekeeping - end up adding up more bookmarks. Duh!

6. Aricia woke up, Athena started complaining and wants to go into the MOE chinese website. She played the games in the website while I did Aricia's home session + her homework.

7. Music revision. Aricia mess up the house.

8. *Rrrring* - full day school ends

Wait! Not yet!


9. Go through chinese dictation & spelling with her.


Mel said...

What are uncountable nouns? Yikes dun tell me I gotta learn all that soon...

btw I signed up Anna's 2-tier Cake for 3 May... jioing u now, interested?

Lily Ann said...

3rd May - On!! You registered already?
Anyway, can you please sms me your contact details, I lost all new contact details in my iphone. Thanks!

Uncountable Nouns : Nouns that are uncountable. You can use ONLY the singular form of the noun.

Example: water - "some water"