Sunday, February 8, 2009


Her daily allowance is $1.50. I would think that's alot of money considering that we were only given 1/3 less. But with inflation, I thought $1 may be too little? She comes back with approx 70-80 cents extra daily. This morning, I gave her $2.50 coz' she has a long day in school. Don't know if it's too much again.. will see how.

I haven't forgotten this, I stopped coz' I wanted her to learn to eat faster during recess time. I want to bento for her on some days, otherwise all those stuffs I bought online will be a good resting place for ants.
Then again, there's another worry - I can't get up early. Coz' I sleep at 3+, and set my alarm at 5.30 but in actual fact jumps out of bed at 6am. Why sleep late? I have things to do which I can't seem to do much in the day time.

Home sessions
I have this choice of either perservering on or just give up and idle my time away. With my free time, I don't have to get so worked up everyday nagging at Athena to hurry up with her lunch and shower, I don't have to keep looking at the clock. With my free time, I can let them go crazy; run amok without caring much. With my free time, I can simply leave them at home while I go out to enjoy myself. But will I do it? Nope! It's unlike me.
I see the results in Aricia. She's not that superbly smart like some kids who can read books at 2, but she can recognize the words. And I mean words like "big hug", "sad mummy" etc..Woah! Chinese - must work hard on it. She's still very Japanese. Haha! I did cut down on their Anpan man DVD though......can't stand having two kids trying to spout Japanese but the pronunciation is horrible at times.

This week
Entries are very late, as usual. I had been busy printing things; saving files in my thumbdrive at mom's place. I can't seem to do it at home coz' I can 't download them in, server administration problem = STARHUB again! Damn! Any Starhub staff reading this blog? It's giving me alot of problems. I think they hear my voice also try to avoid me.
Okay, so the problem lies with them which is inconveniencing me coz' I paid for the online reading already and have to get them all printed out. I have one year to do it slowly, but it's unlike me to do things half way (rolls eyes.... whatever has happened to me organizing the holiday album??) so I choose to quickly print out everything within 2 weeks. . And with those extra materials I have, it will supplement with my current resources.

Wednesday was my major shopping day prior to Athena's music lesson, I needed to shop for Iggy's birthday present; supermarket for a little groceries; a new Ipod ? In the end, I thought I was so dumb... I have an iPhone what?! I went to get a small speaker instead (according to staff, the 3G iPhone can't be used on this) This JBL is a good buy, it was selling for $100+++. I didn't know that Courts had a promotion and it was selling at $99.

I liked this when I saw it many months back so had to lay my hands on it. Athena loves it and asks me to put it in their room. Actually it's not my main purpose. I needed to try to put all the audio tracks into a player and then my home session with Aricia can go smoothly. Usually I need to keep changing discs.. it's making her a little bored now with the time wasted. And it's making me frustrated too! So with the speaker, I can simply press the songs and it plays.

And then all the problems comes.... what .cda format? what .mpg format? I thought I could just bring them into iTunes and then syncronize it. Easy peesy right? No......all the different formats had to confuse me and I had to download free programs to convert; I'm wasting more time instead. Duh!

Then I tried to copy files over into my another MP3 player (btw, I bought another after throwing the stupid LeMon one away) coz' that's easier to do. Also cannot! Format wrong!

Tried again, this time I can't seem to delete the old music files in iTunes. I deleted the program and reload. Managed to get everything in after I figured out how to get the MP3 or WMA format. Click to syncronize and an update notice comes in. I was that blur... afterall I had already spent almost one hour figuring out this IT technie thing.. and I click OKAY. Shucks! Guess what? Updated US software, my bloody phone can't work!! Now will have to wait for hubby to help me bring to office to ask the IT guy to convert it back to SIN for me.(I think he's going to kill me) Have to use my previous phone, I don't mind but coz' I had alot of 'reminders' in my phone for tomorrow. Speaking of which, I am so tempted to download those Games Applications but I don't think we can purchase anything from iTunes right (non US)? So why the heck get a cheaper phone from the US when there's this barrier?

Okay, my suay luck not only ends here. In the afternoon, since I still couldn't get the songs into either player - I used my lappie. It did play though I have to wait for a while for the music to load (too much space taken?) and I thought since I'm using my lappie, I might as well show Aricia the CD-rom flashcards. I've tried plugging it to the TV cable and it can be viewed on TV before, today.......dunno what happened - nothing is projected on screen. Argh! #$%^, it was working fine the last time I used.

Still not enough, need to be even more suay. I need holy water. I tried printing something for mei-mei. And the black & white ink don't come out except for colours. And I guess I've done alot of excessive printing, probably the head is a little spoilt. So, now I'm going to finish the last two stacks of A5 flashcard papers + all the inks I bought. Then I shall change printer. This time round, I think I shouldn't get such a heavy duty paper - 300 gsm. Other than that the scanner is still working fine. Hmm....maybe get a laser printer? Now that I'm printing using brother's computer & printer, I have to buy the cartridge for them. And HP's cartridge is so expensive!! I buy compatible versions for my home computer - afterall I do so much flashcards printing will feel the pinch if I get the original Epson.


Boh Tong said...

$1.50 isn't much these days.Lily u are an awesome writer and I love ur blog.

Lily Ann said...

Uncle BT, you are too polite.