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All the posts are really late, anyway I've talked about taking a short hiatus with my blogging. I think I can't; I'm addicted to this. Yet again I find my blog is getting boring and boring each day. Well... I'm not Xiaxue bringing in hundreds of readers each day ( I think or maybe it's more) and I am not a good writer - I am only good in complaining about everything else except myself that's because I'm a Saint.. Hee! I have alot of things which I want to write about, but it means alot of linking here and there; alot of reading up on my part = more time taken up. And I'm already so exhausted each day. I will try to do my best so I will not let my fans down. K? So please continue to support meeeeeeeeeeeee.

K, so the updates of what the heck I've been doing - the past 2 weeks (almost coz' of all the late entries). I'm practically alone, had the most boring weekends. Really! Okay, apart from Ignatius's birthday party on the 7th I only had another weekend - which is today. Why boring? I've been such a good girl, basically head off to mom's place after I drop the kids in school. Download the books and print out etc.. and after I pick Aricia up - she naps and I staple the books up etc.. when the children come home they both give me hell.(infact chaos starts in the car - will detail that later on) I can't do much of printing at home coz' printer head is probably spoilt. I do other things, I sleep late. The cycle goes on day in; day out.

Tuesday - 10th
Athena came back home and told me "mummy, on Friday I want to buy you a cookie. A heart-shape cookie. You must give me $2." Of course I didn't oblige her, told her if she wants to get me something- a Valentine cookie; it must be from her not me. She whined "but I have no money... you always ask me to ....." "Alright, you don't have to put your money in the piggybank from today onwards till Friday. Let's see how much you can save from today onwards." She has $1 left from her allowance today.

Wednesday - 11th
The best part of me being so hardworking daily is that I manage to do quite alot (but still alot more to do) of printing in such short time; the worst part is I FELL SICK!! Yah lor.... all the lack of sleep gives me the heatiness (the things that mom always tell me) then sick lor. I fell sick for 2 days. And when I'm sick, home sessions still continues. Actually, I should have seen the symptoms of my "mental illness" this afternoon, I was already tired but was given the strength to continue on nagging at Athena; going through her assessment books with her. KZ helped me with all the homework that Aricia needs to do for both Shichida and Ros's. Really thanks to her help! But I feel so guilty that I can't spend time doing that with Aricia. But I don't trust her with Athena either. How? How to spilt myself into 2?

Thursday - 12th
Thursday,the long day, I was flat out but I perservered on. Somehow things took for the worst during Aricia's Shichida class. I suddenly felt so giddy and that girl had to sweep her hands across the table when we were doing LM - 10 cards all over the place. Woah! That was it! I think I must have faked my giddiness coz' how the heck I knew what was going on right?? But no, mind still ok and then I couldn't take it and just carried her from my lap and stand her on the floor. Her reaction was very subtle but her tears just trickled down immediately... now when I think back, I feel so heartpain. Apparently not only that, one other activity she did made me lose my patience.
End of class, sensei suggested to the whole class to do 5 mins suggestion. Ehh......not that I don't know I'll probably konked out even before the 5 mins is up - I was that exhausted. She did ask me later when she saw me outside the class. Infact J did ask me too, they probably felt I was very grumpy (PMS) old lady or just not my usual cheery self. I needed the rest badly but my shift is not up, still have OT to do. Thank goodness Athena did co-operate with me @ Berries (though she still continued to cling onto me) sigh...... and while I try to shake off that girl; another girl kept yakking in her sharp voice "mummy take out socks; mummy take out socks" and clinging onto me to get my attention. Argh!!!! Now I've got two kids koalas clinging onto me. Honestly, I wonder if anyone has got such interesting and highly drama life as I do have. Thanks to Annie who always come to my rescue.

Brought Aricia back home, did home session with her. I used my another MP3 player to play the CDs.. iPhone still in hubby's office- the session is so smooth without her getting fidgety. Had some time to play some games with her. She's so much better now, she used to fight with me in class. I went to buy her a 6-grid to get her interested, she was. Started playing on first day and now picks up the book herself to do. Today, she decided to pick this 12-grid to do all by herself. So proud of her. Actually I still have my other almost similar toys which I will let her play and then subsequently (when she do not know) introduce her the Math and English ones.

Aricia didn't want to follow me to Berries so I left to pick her up alone. Athena asked to go to the playground. And I obliged her coz' I don't intend to do anything with her at home later except to revise her 听写. One grandma spoke to me while we were waiting for the children at the playground, and I thought wow! this is a high class ah-ma coz' she's really well groomed (which puts me to shame) and she speaks really well. Then I found out that her grand-daughter is also in an IJ school and she herself was also an IJ girl. No wonder she spoke so well! She related so many things to me about "her time" in the pinafore which I found it hilarious. Oh, I remember asking her if her granddaughter went in by Phase 2B - religion - why didn't she try for IJ Toa Payoh or St Nics, the better schools. She said there will be ballotings (based on past years') so they didn't want to try. Wah... I thought it's more or less a guaranteed space?? Isn't it heart-stopping just to enrol your child for a school in Singapore? Still, I must thank my blur/ illiterate (then English-illiterate) mom and their neighbour's (who is now my brother's Godma)help so that I am able to put my children in. Like what MH said,"paving way for our next generation". Then again, we wouldn't know if next time the school enrolment phases would still be the same. ??
During my brother's time :
Mom was lucky, hers was probably the last phase of the dunno how many phases. (don't ask me to ask her, she wouldn't have any idea herself). And she was lucky to get balloted. And at that time, they were staying closeby in Frankel or was it Pulasan Rd? - so I don't know if that was factored in as well or they just ballot everyone.
And then when it came to my "attempted murderer" sister, she was registered in the first phase coz' of the brother (St Stephen) and sister (IJ Katong Primary & IJ Opera Estate) school. *note: it's a slight deviation with the current Phase 1 coz' St Stephen had been an all-boys school all along*

Counted her $, I told her she has $3.10. If she wants to get 1 or 2 cookies? If 2, then I'll deduct 90c from her Friday's allowance. That greedy girl asked to buy 2, KZ gave her $4 to buy 2 for her.
After that, I went to bed at 8.20pm. Really knocked out, I heard the kids fighting for less then 10 mins and I only woke up when my alarm clock rang. My record - 9 hours of sleep. Wo ho!

Not completely well, spilting headache mebbe from the 9 hours of sleep. I noticed Aricia's right eye is much smaller & redder. The previous day it was a little red, I thought it was her scratching accidentally so brought her to school. But since it didn't get better, I brought her to the doc at mom's place. It's not sore eyes and there's no need for antibiotics. Good thing I didn't bring her to school - so that I can do massive printing and downloading for that 6 hours straight.
This time, I picked Athena up at 4.15pm only to see the "no cars". Oops! Some kids around the gate area still - but I saw her grumpy face and her always complainy self "mummy, why are you so late? All my friends go back home already!" Okay, I shall time myself again next Friday. The previous week, there was a massive jam even at 4pm and I only reached the school gate at 4.11pm.
I asked her about the cookies and she said that she is only allowed to buy 1 cookie. And she was so happy continued rattling "and mummy I bought something from the bookshop. My friends asked me to buy.".......goash if I have a weak heart, I'd get a heart attack. All the interrogation and her miscalculation, I thought she used KZ's money to buy the plastercine. Mummy preached out all the wisdoms nagged (as usual).Nope, she didn't use her money at all, but she used the other $2 to buy the plastercine. Should I be pleased with what she did? Hmm... still young, don't understand.

In the morning, I remembered I was suppose to ask KZ something. The day before, she helped me to clean the car interior when hubby came back. I helped him dish out his dinner, and that's when I saw my stove turned on with slow fire, heating up the soup.
I asked her,"did you leave the stove on yesterday." She either feigned ignorance or tried to delay time by answering me pretended didn't understand me and tried to clarify with me. And then her excuse was "oh... that time I went to clean the car, I forgot to turn off." I told her off immediately that she shouldn't lie to me coz' mom had told me she saw her leaving my stove on - esp for soups - and then the water gets lesser and ingredients gets mashy and very saltish etc.. Think she didn't expect me to say this out. And then she said," I keep the soup hot for Sir."
"How would you know what time Sir is coming home. If he comes home late, are you going to leave the stove on for that long? First, it's dangerous. If a plastic bag or paper is blown into the fire, you'll burn my house down. You know we always like to leave the plastic bags around that area for you to fold and keep. Second, you're wasting our gas which is money. You want to keep the soup hot, put it in the slow cooker. But let me tell you, there's no need to put soup in slow cooker. You can always turn on the stove and heat up the soup; dish out the rice first and by then the soup will be hot." Her reaction? - stun. Didn't expect a lie to be uncovered so soon from me.

Slept early again, not as early as last night but not too bad considering that I had 12 hours of sleep. Which means I haven't been checking my emails for the past 3 nights? Athena begged me to let them sleep in the room but I gave her my reasons.

Saturday - 14th
Remember I mention about my lonely days?? Has been happening for quite a while already, if hubby is not outstation he's at home busy working. I'm really saddled with my kids, and if I was looking forward to getting a break from the kids - it's a strict no-no. I want to throw the kids to him, he throw them out of the room coz' he's working. When he's not in SIN, Athena pretends by telling me "I want to sleep with you coz' you'll be scared in the room." *ahem ahem*, I throw them out of the room too coz' I want to do my printing in the room.
And so, I know this weekend is a goner as well and I'm dying to go out. And what Valentine's Day?? I spent my Valentine's Day showing my love to Athena by telling her off, keeps telling me "so difficult, I cannot" when practising her piano. And I am so sick of hearing this sentence from her, don't know why she lacks confidence. No wonder Master Tan says this girl needs alot of "pushing". Buay tahan, every time I "push her" my life shortens. Athena made a card for all of us. So touching...

Dinner : we headed to HM. I wanted to get a new printer from Harvey Norman. I bought Epson again, coz the cartridge is cheaper than HP and I do massive printing so logically speaking should go for value for money. Will discard my current printer soon. I was eyeing on Samsung laser... the quality print but ahem ahem no money no talk. Now, I'm hoping to download the rests of the books and print from home. Too much shuttling also very tiring, I need to gym soon.

I gave hubby the best best Valentine's present ever!

Anyway, I have cartridges to let go. All brand new, compatible brand (brand name-Parrot) of :
Epson's T0631 - Black x1
Epson's T0632 - Cyan x3
Epson's T0633 - Magenta x3
Epson's T0634 - Yellow x3
Bought at $8 each, willing to let go at $5 each.
*They are not in the box though still in vacumn packed (to save space in my compartment)
These cartridges can be used on Epson Stylus C67, C87, CX3700, CX4100, CX4700
Please leave message here, thanks!

Sunday - 15th
I love my hubby deep deep *smooch smooch* that I passed him my germs. Hahaha!

And I got so pissed off with KZ again. I was woken up by Athena's commotion of trying to puke and saying "soap in the cup" complaining over and over again. I heard KZ saying "there's no soap in the cup, where got?" I went out and asked Athena what happened, she told me "there's soap in her cup of water. Aunty Zet never wash the cup properly....etc..." When she said that, all KZ did was to sit there with her eyes looking at her own food and not caring what happened. And I wonder if she also ignored my poor Aricia that time too. I chose to believe Athena and told KZ to "wash the cup properly next time". Guess what? She never argued with me before, actually said to me "I always wash my cup properly." I was quite taken aback by her response but it's okay... I've handled tough passengers this is peanuts to me. I saw her expression changed and she didn't talk much after that. I tolerated. I didn't bother to ask her if she wanted to go out with us, told hubby to ask her. She said no, and then she's not her usual self. Good! Let us spend some time as a family.

We went to Suntec, but first to Athena's POP EYES (Popeyes) at the Singapore Flyer. That girl waste food again!! Must let her go hungry... she's too choosy.
It was a short 5 hours family time but it equates to my 10 weekdays of house-taming. I didn't do home session with Aricia, neither did I do anything with Athena. Good thing, she picked up her Chinese reader to read. It's such a stress-free day, no wonder none of my friends like to "spoil my relationship with my child" when I talk about mothers being the best teacher for the child.

I had promised to bake with Athena but since we were out most of the day, I told her to do drop cookies instead. With that kind of timing, she was only allowed to do 2 plates and I did the rests - until close to 2am. (typing in room while cookies in oven).

Anyway, in the evening time from the time we got back home she still didn't make the usual noise she normally does. I was mixing the cookie dough when she was feeding Aricia. I didn't see what happened but heard Aricia (sitting in highchair) crying for her water. She sat there oblivious to all the cries and continued spooning Aricia's food and blowing cold the food for her; I stood at the kitchen doorway observing. No response until I got frustrated and went over to pick up. And she said "she purposely throw the bottle", when I saw Aricia struggling to put her bottle of water on the table, I wanted to push her highchair forward and KZ said "she can kick the table and move the chair". I kept quiet, I've seen Aricia doing that before so it's logical that she kept the distance between the table and highchair. But I suppose that's also the reason why Aricia threw her bottle on the floor in frustration earlier after trying so hard to reach the table to place it there. Somehow, I heard the "okay, okay. You come down." - shouting voice at Aricia and she was slamming the highchair. *tolerate*

After that, I asked her to the room and talked to her. "Do you have anything you want to tell me? Anything that you want to say about what happened this morning." she kept quiet and shook her head.
"Fine, I have something to tell you. I am really disappointed in your behaviour this morning, you argued back (perhaps being in SQ, you expect your subordinate to eat the humble pie and apologise) at me when I told you off. You showed me a black face and you didn't behave like you normally would. I can always hear your laughter and voice but today you chose to be quiet tells me that you're not happy with me. Correct? (she kept quiet)
You've been with me for 2 years plus and this is the first time I'm going to talk to you and I hope it's the last. I never had this problem with you before, normally I tell you off you'll respond back with a "okay mum". I've always trusted you and since you were here, you noticed I've always treated you as a family. I correct you when neccesary and nicely, when my children are rude to you I tell them off. I'm a very fair person, I don't let my children bully you. But today, I choose to believe Athena. You know why? Coz' if Athena were to say there's clothes detergent inside the cup I will tell her she's lying. But she said it's the soap. I think there can be a possibility of some accidents. I know you love my children (reverse psychology) & that you wouldn't do harm and put soap in their cup. But there can be accidents when after you wash the cup, maybe the soap did drip into the cup? Coz' you must remember the space around our sink, you think clothes detergent can go in the cup? I know it's very irritating to hear her complaining all the time, you know she complains all the time. Just let her be, I did scold her earlier on too for complaining too much. But don't you think it's good that it's her who complained? A 7 year-old child, what happens if it's Aricia? Who can't tell you that much in a sentence, she probably drank the soap and something will happen to her.
When I tell you to wash the cup properly, I told you nicely but your argument was uncalled for. It probably made you angry thinking that I'm accusing you of harming my children but it also made me angry when you still don't understand between me 'telling you off nicely' instead of what other employers do - shout. I can shout at my kids but not you coz' you're already 28 and I don't see any reason for me to shout at you. I still want to continue trusting you, unless you want to show me otherwise...
Do you have anything to tell me?"
(shakes head and started crying) - I walked out of the room after that. I choose not to mention anything about the dinner coz' I must admit it's quite a handful when it comes to feeding Aricia but I'll be monitoring her behaviour towards my children.

Did I do the right thing?

*photos uploaded later*

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