Monday, February 23, 2009


I thought my girl is going to be the total opposite from her che-che, afterall she did seem so boisterous. She is more outspoken

Turned out she's almost the same - the same naughty girl that shows her true self at home. And the 'quiet and obedient girl' in school. As what Teacher Felin told me today on the phone "she's very quiet in class." My first reaction was "Huh? Quiet??" "But once in a while she'll start talking and then her voice is very sharp." That one I do agree, she's got very sharp squeaky voice. I know there's always the opposite behaviour children possess. But her's is really a big change - she's a sum-seng gia at home; yakking and yakking at home.

Talking about this lil' girl. She is very head-strong - don't want means don't want. No matter what we do with her potty-training, stripping her, running her into the toilet with her screaming, her crossing her legs to hold her urine (hilarious incident) etc... But she is a dear. She sayangs her sister, she can be very obedient (except the potty training) and keep her toys when you tell her to. Master Tan says this girl is very filial - love her parents. Hmm..........

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