Monday, February 23, 2009

The Red Eyed Monsters - I

Call it suay, or call it the close bond we share. The small girl's conjunctivitis is so powerful >>

Funny thing is that both children were infected in their right eye. KZ's and mine - left eye. It looks as if KZ and myself just had a scuba diving face to face.

This morning, Athena's eyes were redder - a surprise to me coz' she seemed alright the day before. Perhaps it was the banana that triggers it? Read this article. So, it's no school for her and get another medication. Dr Teo says it's going to be antibiotics this course (like mei-mei) but coz' I bought my certificate and not 100% certified.
At the PDs, KZ brought the children in first while I went to withdraw $. The reaction from the staffs. "Huh, you also got it?" coz' they saw her and mei-mei (carrying her), didn't know it was for Athena. Then they saw Athena and next question was "so the mummy how?" I came into the clinic scuba diving in Phuket looking like a 星妈. They said they kindda expected it.. one of them said she saw me rubbing our cheeks together that day and thought to herself that I'll get it. Wah! Cannot show affection meh?

Athena was given 2 days MC. Any days more, I'll rebel. She was happy thinking that she can go gai-gai.........I don't let my children off so easily. I'm happy too! Coz' it means I can give her more work to do, teach her and mebbe start screaming at her. Okay, you might ask why I rebel then right? Coz' she's always taunting and challenging me, I'll be nagging at her every minute. I'll get my blood pressure up and ..........OMG! I haven't thought what's going to happen to me during the school holidays when she's with me 24/7/24/60/60. Before she kills me; I kill myself. Hee!

Aricia - checked with PD if need to see again, if necessary then I'll take her card out. Said no need. So now, we have to ensure 400% hygiene practice - so that we don't pass the 'ball' around and the whole cycle continues.

KZ and myself saw the GPs too. Hope everyone gets well soon.

Back home :
Chinese - try to continue where she stopped last on Friday. It's 'un' and ün'. She's done this in Berries, so it's a quick lesson on that. She has alot of backtracking to do on her Hanyu Pinyin assessment book. Playful girl lor... for the past 2 weeks refuse to do while waiting for mei-mei and me.

Went through the mistakes she did for the past-year papers.

English? Wanted to reinforce the words that is going to be taught for the new book in class this week. Too tired myself, I want to blog. I want to surf the net, do some mindless things . I shall do it tomorrow.......

Later, she'll have to revise her spelling, chinese dictation, music. Tomorrow's another day - English & Maths. Sigh.........I feel so tired when I think about it.

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