Friday, February 6, 2009


If there's an award Athena should deserve, it should be "Miss Helpful" - too helpful infact!

One day, she tells me "I helped XXX find her jacket. I went with her to the office to find, I help her ask." (don't know how true with that last sentence of hers coz' she always refuse to talk to strangers). Then on Tuesday, she tells me "XX told me she cannot find her wallet, I went with her to find her wallet, then she had to go home.. I continue help her find, mummy tomorrow I have to go to school very early to help her."
huh? Miss Helpful is a nicer term, should be Miss Kapo

Twice I praised her for being so helpful but she shouldn't miss class for that reason next time.

Happy that she's so goody..... but then why the heck is she so reluctant to help at home? Why is she always whining at home when we ask her to do something?

I keep forgetting to write this down until Mel's entry reminded me. Many a times when I had to discipline Aricia, Athena will come over to help her; hug her and sayang her. Trying to block for mei-mei. She's nice and probably easy to exploit by her friends with her sensitivity. But then her sensitivity also comes with the extreme opposite behaviour, when she taunts me with the stupidest things. You know what I mean? When I say she was a good baby, she was and can still be - just that most times she decides she wants to anger everyone (and of course to me more since I'm with her all the time) which makes me utterly disappointed in her, coz' she can be a good girl.

On Wednesday, she told me that she bought stickers from the bookshop. I bit my tongue when she said that. I wouldn't want her to be a spendthrift.. but then I kept quiet and thought to myself that I shouldn't nag at her this time round.
I shouldn't have done that coz' on Thursday, she told me (again) she bought another sticker. Oi! I told her not to buy it all the time. If she keeps spending, it means that her daily allowance is alot of money so I will cut her allowance.

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