Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ignatius is 2-tu-ing - 7th Feb

Fast forward 5 months later after Aricia's birthday is Ignatius's. He had his birthday party @ mom's place.

The children had fun in the small Thomas train playhouse... a few children walking the "train" from inside. Funny to see their legs below and the smallest feet had to be my mei-mei's! Was so worried if she might topple and get trampled inside, but she was as gila as the boys. Sigh...... The birthday boy? He refused to go in.

SIL bought the bubble blower, a hit with the children. And I must admit I kindda like the Gazillion bubbles machine they bought. I was worried about the soapiness and kids tripping on the floor, but it was uncalled for. It leaves no mark at all. Simply marvellous! But I'm not going to tell my kids, coz' they're still restricted to the bathing area when they're playing with bubbles.

I tried to take a few shots of him but he didn't co-operate with me + the lousy camera + the lousy photographer= lousy shots.

Cake time.... the cousins were trying to put out the candles for him. And... I always love to see the expression on mei-mei's face and how excited she is clapping along.

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