Friday, February 20, 2009

Mumblings - My week

PV and updates on Aricia
I am a PV in Athena's school. There were many choices of things which any parent can offer to help. I was tempted to help out in the mornings in the English Learning Support Programme (to help reluctant or less able lower primary pupils to read). But hor......... you think you'd trust me? (ha! I can't believe this mummy who's been corrected is teaching her daughter English at home?!?!) Then, I decided I can't coz' where the heck would Aricia go to then? Drop her in too early is not good for her, that means I spend even lesser time with her.
In the end, I signed up for adhoc volunteering. Occasionally they'd send in emails informing us they need help etc... infact there was something on this Monday (16th). Somehow I wanted to sign up and then I hesitated. Was it a hunch that something is going to happen? True enough, my lil' one woke up with a red eye.
She seemed to be getting better yesterday. But then suddenly she started crying and refused to open her eyes. Frightened me! I assumed it was her hair or eyelashes that poked into her eyes. But she did seem normal to me after that so I thought nothing of it but to observe further.

This morning, decided to bring her to PD for follow up. And ........then was told it spread to the other eye. Argh!!scuba diving in egypt This time she's given gentamicin and oral antibiotics. Actually I've noticed now, the PD don't easily give out antibiotics as she used to.
Have to be more observant, if she don't get well by Monday then I'll have to go down to an eye specialist. I told her I have my own, on second thoughts I asked her about the specialist she's recommending. He's in East Shore. Oh thank God! Mine is in Mt E (too far.. and horrible traffic jams will kill me) and East Shore will definitely be closer for me from che-che's school. Curious, I went into the website and read his credentials - 25 years of experience. Guess, should be a good choice. But I hope I don't need his services.

Will have to check on che-che later on. See if che-che spy on naked boys.

Teacher Aides
When che-che's FT gave us a note on the above subject, I was so tempted to sign up for it. I feel there's a need to work alongside with the teachers to help my child. So, did I sign up in eventually? No, not yet. I'm afraid it will take up too much of my time , and I'll be fighting for more time. But it's still ringing in my head, I will sign up when I'm ready.... maybe by then she'll graduate already. Heehee!

I am so tempted to shop for more DVDs for the children, they keep asking me for more. I'm lost for choice, really too many. Worst is every click brings you to something even more interesting. Argh!!!! I so heart アンパンマン, maybe finding myself looking more like him. Heehee! Round and cute.
Ahhhhh...........Check this out! I want to fly to Japan now.

Hee! I think I'm アンパンマン crazy. I think my children would love it if I could bake something like this: - (I doubt my capability though!)

Found this on youtube - Anpanman song :

I am so inspired to play the theme song, that I went to buy the scorebook online. Mr Postman came with a parcel, I thought it was an earlier parcel of stuffs from Amazon. Gotta give the Japanese credit, they were so efficient - I received it today. (ordered on 18th night) Now wondering if my other parcel is lost - again?

See! Such a big box hor............? As if I bought the whole chest of treasure
Crazy right? They need such a big box for this
Yay! I'm happy!!! Going to start playing. Shucks! I hate it with all the A(flat), B(flat), D(flat), E(flat) songs
Yesterday, I optimised my time when she nap. I decided to do a checklist for these books. I have Usually I'd leave che-che to do these alone, which I can't monitor on her progression.
And I had to do all these. Tired!
Ah doh! Picked che-che up from school and noticed her right eye. Mei-mei also started off with her right eye. I asked if she did touch mei-mei the day before and then rubbed her own eyes blah blah. She said "no, I didn't.. but mei-mei keep wanting to come close to me. She keep touching me, yesterday she keep beating me." Huh? scuba diving in Thailand

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CheekyMonster's Mommy said...

HI Lily :) PV for outings? can be quite tough cos normally schs ask for PV to acc P1/2's for outings.

Pssst: My Monster may end up in the same sch as Che-Che :P But rite now, im having 2nd tots abt TN.

If we really get tt place, then TN is within 1km. wonder if we shd try out luck

Lily Ann said...

Yes, PVs for anything - maybe sweep floor also can. (kidding)
TN is difficult to get in & may need to ballot, but you might want to try.Don't give up, if can't then put her in IJ lor.. but that'll be the last phase.