Monday, February 16, 2009


Aricia is given one week MC coz' she has conjunctivitis. I really don't understand ... when I brought her to a GP on Friday, he did mention something about her having runny nose before and it's connected. I had no idea what he meant. He prescribed normal saline to her and said it's non-contagious.

Days passed and her eyes didn't recover. This morning brought her to PD for a second opinion, and Dr Lee confirmed it's conjunctivitis and no school for one week. That will mean 'happy hours' for me either positively or negatively. I will get to spend more precious time with her, on the other hand I'll get so drained up.
No Ros's today as well, ehh.......sms-ed for homework pages and will do that and continue with my daily home sessions with her. I'm going to add on the TumbleTots songs for her this week - a few songs with bean bags and lummi sticks, she'll probably have some fun. A few days ago, I changed the way in presenting 大きなたいこ with the tambourine. She managed to beat according to the rhythm even when I didn't tell her to. *yay*
As for her class on Thursday, I'm going to see how. If she's okay, then I'll bring her. If not, I might want to bring her out gai-gai to top up our Japanese groceries in Meidiya. I'm dying to get out of the house and be a tai-tai.

Daily she's been asking me for アンパンマン - Anpan man. I'm going to bake one cake for her this week - to celebrate her turning 29 months. Wow! Going to be 2 and a half soon, and she's still so small. Somehow I am beginning to worry although sometimes I pretend not to worry about her size.

Things that make us laugh at this girl. These photos were taken the week after the CNY break, she suddenly developed fever and stayed home.

KZ asked her to smile, normally she would oblige, but that day she felt grumpy - refused and pouted her lips. The unexpected thing happened next, she turned to look at Alex (lion) and saw his grinning teeth and covered his mouth.happy smileys
The next shot, she decided to smile. Thus she let go of her hand. It's amazing how she can think beyond that. BTW, these are all her chummy friends - her bear bear, paaaa-po (hippo). Friends who endured her cruelty. I don't understand why she loves lion so much, she took che-che's lion ( a BD present from brother) and claimed its hers. Of course che-che don't really fight with her coz' she has her own smelly bear to hug. She's seen dragging Alex by the tail, tickling her own nose with it, WWF with it, talking to it.

One of her favorite pretend-play toy would be the cleaning aids. She'd take the broom and pan and try to sweep our house, keeping herself busy (sooner or later KZ might lose her job).

This is what we saw today.............. she imitated how KZ put the cleaning aids.

Good things must share
Just a few days ago, she declined to sit down during my home session. I asked her to bring lion & sit dow together on the highchair; she refused & put lion on highchair. She didn't just throw it there, positioned it nicely and said "raion,读书读书 and she made sure he paid attention to me. Kept looking at me, then it. Finally after some time she decided to sit down. Cuddled lion; stroked lion. A thought came into her mind, she turned lion to face me and said 读书 读书. Haha!

Should I say I'm amazed (or I should be expecting this result from her)? She could read the colour words, did Ros's Colours homework all by herself. I'm so proud of her..... my efforts paid off! Still not like other children who can read a book at 2. Hmm... maybe I should just try and see if she can read. She might surprise me.........??

Receptive vs non-receptive
She's very receptive to stimulus. The 2 non-receptive things that she simply refuse to do are :
1) pacifier
2) potty train

1) We did try to wean her off and only give to her during her bedtime. But lately, I have no choice but to give it to her to keep her quiet. Let me share with you my daily highly drama life.
In the mornings when I bring the 2 of them to school, Aricia asks for pacifier which I refuse. Slowly, she kicks the HK tray table which is directly behind me and throws tantrum behind. Shaking her head left and right vv; cries loudly. I get irritated and then I decided to throw her the pacifier.
Then in the afternoons, I fetch her - she asks for her food. And the most frustrating thing is when we pack bread; she asks for bun and vv. She kicks and retaliates with the slightest delay. After eating, she automatically asks for pacifier. I refused and she kicks up hell behind. So to keep myself cool and clear-headed (coz' it's a real distraction to have someone throwing up fits behind) I give pacifier to her. It might take longer time to wean her off, hopefully the time when she understands. But then, she understands what?! So I guess it's time to do my cruel act - put chilli on her pacifiers.

2) Potty train - We started this quite some time back. She simply refuse to sit on the toilet seat, potty - also refuse but difficult for us to hold her down. But when she's been forced to sit on the toilet seat; she refuses to pee/poo. Cries loudly for her chummy pals to help her - real hilarious! So.. you'd kindda expect to know that she only manages a drip of urine, a small blob of poo inside and she cries ...?? like as if we abused her.
Then we tried another method - she goes naked. Still refuse, once she crossed her legs trying to control her urine - we quickly brought her to the toilet seat and she refused to pee. After some time we have no choice but to wear her diapers for her, it immediately felt so warm. ??? Very tough huh? Any volunteer to help me train her??

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