Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun? Stress? It's just not for me.

Oh boy! This phrase "once bitten twice shy" simply don't sink into my pea-size brain! I never seem to learn from my past lesson.. and gila me decided to help out in her school again this year. *can somebody please gimme a hard knock in my head to wake me up*

I was assigned the P1 class again with another mummy (her girl in P1). I thought I shouldn't have any problem right. Since I'm handling a P1 class for the second year running and my girl is already in P2. For the record, che-che wasn't too pleased that I wasn't taking her class. How to? I prefer it too but no choice right? At least I know the girls and they won't Scuba Site CRY.

I was mentally prepared that 30 kids would come running to you and tattle about their so-and-so friend blah blah blah. I would try to "shut my ears" and "see nothing" and so I thought I'd survive that 2 1/2 hrs.

The day started very early for us, KZ had to stay with mei-mei while I brought them to the mall at 6+. Che-che and myself reached school before 7am.
Kids had their assembly in the hall. The mommies had to introduce ourselves to the children in the hall, my partner is a P1 mommy whom I see often in school. We chatted before so it was relatively easy for us to work together.
Like the year/s before, this day usually coincide with ACES Day. So time was wasted on the exercises. Very gian to jump when you see mass exercise. Nah! I'm more for the challenging and 'wanna kill somebody' Bodycombat.

By the time we got back to the class, we had to do our task. Make a bouquet of flowers from the tulip origami which the children are going to fold. Heng ah.. this year the kids do not have to take temperature at all... why am I so overtly worried about time? Coz' it's not easy to do those origamis for the P1s as their finger skills aren't that good, plus they have to colour or draw whatever they want before folding, plus recess time. It's really insufficient time! We had to bundle up 2 bouquets of flowers too for the FT and co-teacher. Ehh....

We separated the class into two groups, taking one group each. To cut the long story short, perhaps I am very sensitive to sounds around me ... I can sense trouble brewing and true enough - a girl started crying coz' her friend said she didn't want to friend her anymore when we only started in less than 5 mins (they were colouring). Honestly I don't know if the other mummy had the same problem in her group or she was oblivious to it or ... I have that AUNT AGONY face. Argh!!!! I lost count of the number of times the kids fought amongst themselves in that span of 2 1/2hrs. You know we have that task of doing something for the teacher but I can't neglect the well-being of the kids as well. But no, I wasn't going to counsel every child that cries coz' I will not have enough time. I merely asked them to learn to share and be nice to their friends. But what the ?? ... like I said they were practically fighting over every thing. ?!?!

Now makes me think if all P1 girls are teary, unstable, highly emotional kids. If that is so, how do the teachers cope. I mean, I had to survive that 2 1/2hrs only. The teachers had to endure day after day the same kids fighting amongst themselves. They are probably used to it, but it wasn't easy for me to try to block out the squabbles and cries and dunno what nots. You know lah! Mothers are so sensitive to noise.
But why me? Why keep crying and fighting? Do I look like a monster?

Last year, the mother who took che-che's class commented that the class was good and co-operative. This year, che-che told me they behaved and listened to the mommy who came to help.

Hmm....... honestly I'm not too sure if I'd be enthusiastic to participate again next year and the years to come.

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