Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maxine's BD

2 kids had been looking forward to Maxine's BD party since we received the invitation the week before.

We reached the place about 5 mins before the party. Mei-mei was excited but when she saw everyone putting on their chef coat, she didn't want to put on. She insisted she didn't want it but I managed to convince her (ahem.. not really convincing her; blackmailing her more likely) and she gladly let the lady help her with the coat which is so long. Haha! I laughed when I couldn't see her lil' hands.

Look mummy! I can bake without my hands!!
The kids took a group photo.
Waiting.... Chef June took their class. Che-che was very happy to have her teach again. Mei-mei was really looking forward to it.

Mei-mei was the youngest child there, she received alot of help from a staff. But she proved to me she's a little girl with great enthusiam. She participated and I heard that she was yakking alot in the class. Hmm.......she's usually like that at home.

Having a break while waiting for their cookies to bake

Mei-mei with her tray of cookies.
Che-che with her cookies

The youngest chef

Birthday cake

Back at home with their goody bags.
Thanks for the invite! My girls had a swell time.

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