Friday, September 10, 2010

A great day!

I had the most fun-tastic day with the kids and the mommies. We went to the Zoo in the early morning to have Breakfast with Orang Utans. (Hmm...I have 3 meals together with 2 monkeys at home everyday)

Here, the kids are looking at the map. Trying to direct us.
Maxine, it's her birthday today!
The kids sitting down and having their breakfast when ....
Or--yi--or. Who swang by?


Birthday girl with her birthday cake.

Teacher, Mrs Chai explaining to the kids
The Parent Volunteers (PVs) that are following behind. Hahaha!
The lion sleeps
Argh!!! The leopard is coming to eat us!!!!

Children taking a horse ride

Kids waiting for their carousel ride. Woah! So fun!!
Then again, it's no joke when they keep turning round and round and make us - the audience dizzy
Animal Friends Show

The next highlight of the trip -waterplay!

Stopping by for lunch
2nd round before their skin wrinkled up

The kids kept telling us we had to walk the other side.. but lies, deceptions from mommies. "Under renovation. Animal not there anymore etc...." Haha! Mommies and daddy were tired.
With this last shot, we departed the Zoo with a heavy heart but .... oh well... it means that we can always make another trip down to the Zoo (after the exams)
Thanks for the wonderful friends and company, we really had a good time. Hope this friendship for the kids last!

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