Sunday, September 19, 2010

My lil' girl is officially 4

Mei-mei was granted her request to go to "Ohshard Road" (Orchard Rd) despite che-che whispering in her ears "Suntec City, Suntec City."

Left home and had our lunch at their favourite place - Sakae Sushi in Orchard Central. (Argh! I'm so sick and tired of Jap food!! We have it every weekend ever since KZ was granted her Sundays off.)

At exactly the time she was born, I gave her a kiss. 4 years ago, all I heard was her cries. Sharp but not as loud as che-che's. 1 after she was born till now, my girl never stop talking. Haha! Really wonder where she get that trait from? Me?
No peace in our house; our house had been topsy turvy since with her frustrating us every second - when she argues with us or makes funny comments. She livens up our home. And that's my girl, alright! I love her very much.

The girls had so much fun today, we had a nice family time together too.
Photos :
I prepared her with a light make-up and lip gloss.(first 2 pictures) She went out, I showered and came out to see a heavily madeup girl (last 2 pictures). Make Up Artist? Her beloved che-che

Ice-cream treat. While they were eating, I kept crossing my fingers che-che don't start coughing. Che-che had Candy Floss Flavour, mei-mei had Chocolate
Didn't bake, we had a lot of leftover cake though we gave the bigger portion to mom. Instead we took the muffin and a cookie from Coffee Bean, plonk the LE figurines. And it became a LE dunno what. Heck lah! As long as there's birthday song, there's candle to blow.

My birthday wish for you, my little girl as you blow out the candle today.
May you grow abundantly in all aspects (I need the physical aspect to triple-up). As you grow into a young little girl, may you discover the many happiness and love.

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