Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1 more BIG surprise

Mei-mei saw her name on an envelope when I opened the mailbox and the kids offered to hold the letters. She exclaimed "I have my name!!" I didn't know what it was until I opened the mail for her and realised it's from Singapore Child Magazine.

Apparently, her picture had been one of the selected few to be published in this month's issue.Now .... that's a really BIG and pleasant surprise. I forgot I had sent it in for her. All the while we were hoping for her photo to be shown on Playhouse Disney - but it didn't of course coz' we didn't hear any news from them. Mei-mei was sad everytime the Birthday Surprise comes on and she'd run to the TV. Sound very pitiful when she said "how come no my picture. I want my picture on Rocket."

Sigh......better luck next year! And now, we have to book a workshop asap before the month ends for her prize (ahem..partial prize coz' we gotta fork out the remaining $$)

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