Sunday, September 5, 2010


(We're always so behind everyone else) Finally went on our first Staycation @ Novotel.

The kids were really excited even though it was only a one night stay.

We set off from home around 12+, the kids pulled their trolley bags. Mei-mei was so happy that she was going "CHINA" cool smileys ?!?! (Che-che could even differentiate between USA, Europe and Sin. And she was not even 3 at that time). Asked if we were taking aeroplane. Yah... our flight number was NS XXXX (Nissan XXXX)
First stop, was to settle our lunch. We were there 2 weeks ago celebrating KZ's birthday. The kids knew what they wanted from the buffet selection.
After getting the key/s to our room, we proceeded without daddy who was settling our dining bill.
Checking out our "CHINA". Our room overlooked the Li River (ahem.. Singapore River)
Everyone took a nap in the afternoon, something which I haven't done for donkey years. Oh boy! I felt really good and rejuvenated. I should do that sometimes... but then again I'd end up feeling guilty for not giving my kids their 'input sessions from me'

Walking around the hotel area

We basically strolled the malls nearby and returned to a cozy comforting room. No wonder they say Staycation is a holiday away from home.

I brought the kids back to the room while hubby went to look at gadgets in Audio House. The kids had been looking forward to their 'swimming pool' since we stepped into the room in the afternoon.
Here they are, enjoying themselves.
Watched a Korean drama and then we all plonked into bed. Hmm... do I miss my laptop? Not really, coz' I know the next day I'd be busy updating my blog and Facebook. Haha!

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