Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's the hot hot month of birthdays. Both kids have few friends each born in the month of September - and my girl too!

Not that we were invited for countless of parties this month. Hmm.........which I'd have another headache if I was (reasons will be explained in a much later blog entry)

Birthday girl is che-che's friend since Lutheran days. Their friendship went a looong way back to 2004 or was it 2005?

Photos :

Cutesy mini cupcakes - which are tasty and not so sinful to the waistline.

Games organised by birthday girl's parents. Mei-mei is the youngest girl there and she so gamely played along the games

But because she was the youngest there, she was eliminated early in one of the games. She didn't understand when I told her she had to come out of the circle, she didn't know she was out of the game. (keke!) She did look sad when I asked her out, finally I let her turn around in circles when all the che-ches and kor-kors are playing the game circling around her. Ha! Anyway, that made her really happy.

The Lutheran friends (another boy left before we took this)
The kids had a great time playing together, the mummies had a great time chatting.
Mei-mei always attract attention. Parents commented that she's a very sociable person, which I had to agree. She's very chatty when she's outside so there's no pretending from her. Something funny happened >> She saw che-che packing up jellies to bring home (excess food) and she didn't want to lose out. She couldn't find any plastic bags and she took the empty cutlery pack plastic (which had a tear on the side) and packed it herself. How she did it? According to 2 parents, they saw her looking at a unused spoon on the coffee table; turned to look at them; looked at the spoon; looked at them; took and ran away. They followed her to see what she was up to - she was using the spoon to scoop up the jellies (while che-che was using a fork. ?!?!?! ) Minutes later she presented me with the jellies "Nah! mummy we bring this home. This is mine." I had a good laugh to see the bag she used to contain the jellies. But I must admit this is quick-thinking on her part.
Host mummy commented to me,"your lil' one came up to me and tell me 'aunty next time you must make more jellies ok?' " That's my girl - very thick-skinned!

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