Friday, September 17, 2010


Mei-mei is overwhelmed! She received so many presents from so many "aunties", mainly from my friends (mummies) in IJ.

She gave out her goody bags to the girls' mummies on Thursday as it'd be very rushing when the kids come out. There were 3 extra musical note chocolates for her to give out to the other aunties.
My friends gave her her presents, it caught us by surprise coz' we didn't expect to receive anything and ... we didn't really mention about her birthday. It was only when mei-mei declare that her birthday is on Friday that they asked. But still it was so nice of them to remember and secretly rushing out to buy something for her.

Clarabelle gave her a present too. Thanks mummy!

She can't wait to open her presents, kept bugging me the moment we stepped into the house to put things and jelly into the fridge. And when we had our lunch outside kept reminding me..

I gave in today. Cannot tahan her nagging. Notice the dining table is so messy. No time to pack at all.

Posing with their Annie & June bag, which I bought quite some time ago
First opening up their goody bags. I always like to see the expression on their face when they do that
Present from che-che
Present from Clarabelle mummy
Present from daddy n me
Present from Aunty Youli
Present from Aunty May Ling
Present from Aunty Junie - Shichida
Present from KZ
Colouring her card

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