Friday, September 17, 2010

My lil' girl is 4-tastically 4! - The Party

Che-che was so excited over mei-mei's party. I brought mei-mei to school and came back to fetch them at 8+.
Party starts at 10am, I was suppose to be there at 9.30am but reached there at 9.50am ?!?!?! It was raining and took me a slightly longer transition time at the baker's home when I collected her cake. I love her cake. It's beautiful!

I was given a cartoon jelly as an apology for the spelling mistake on the cookies. Oh oh! I didn't serve the jelly, thought I could use it on Sunday instead.

Simple decoration in the room, dressed my Princess up. Party started a few minutes late.

My poor che-che couldn't join in coz' the number of kids plus her was an odd number. And when I asked her to challenge KZ in one of the games after the kids, she didn't want to play. Chey! not sporting at all!! So that's the problem with different age group kids. It was a good idea to bring the party to school.

Mei-mei enjoyed herself thoroughly, laughing loudly, jumping about. I'm so happy.

Happy Birthday, Aricia!


Celyw said...
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Celyw said...

Celyw said...
hihi,may i know which balloonist you get? Can I have the contact too? As usual, wonderful party well organized and planned by you. :)

Lily Ann said...
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