Tuesday, March 9, 2010

School hols

The first term of school is fast coming to an end. Che-che is really excited, thinking the mummy has planned so many things for her.

Well for the fact - no. Bringing the 2 kids to Disney on Ice show and for that, mei-mei is really happy. Very suaku mah! Kept asking me "mummy, is today Friday? Are we going for Disney show today?" But I do have the intention of bringing them to Jurong Bird Park one day, now with the siao weather. So afraid if we'd get drenched in the rain. Perhaps just drop by at an indoor playground. Hmm.... dump them and then let them go wild in there.

Che-che asked if I'm planning any playdates this time. No, not planning at all. Too short break and it means I can only make it either Monday or Tuesday. Plus I look at the note from the teacher for all parents, they do have work to do. So might as well rot at home, we are not joining hubby for his biz trips (going in/out a few countries). Can bake; can fly kite.Guaranteed not bored to tears. Mummy is known for being a torture queen.

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