Saturday, March 20, 2010

Conjoined twins

Watched this on Discovery today.

I cried when
young twins were brought into the OT for them to be separated. I could feel mummy Buckles' mixed emotions as she cradled the girls, not knowing if it would be the last time she'll be cradling them. And I'm so happy that everything's well for them now, not perfectly 200% well but the spirit of the family makes up to 200%.

"should we separate them"? Craniopagus conjoined twins seems to pose more risks for separations with the complex arteries, not that the other conjoined twins don't. Singaporeans felt sad when adult twins Ladan and Laleh didn't make it out from the OT. Partially due to the fact that they had remained conjoined into their adulthood (easier to operate on younger conjoined twins). If they had remained conjoined, they do face the risk of one health's failing or thriving from the other twin. Very sad so why did God create them?

Another interesting

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