Saturday, March 6, 2010


The kids were invited to B's birthday party. They were really excited and looked forward to it. Been talking about it since 2 days ago.

A few of their classmates were invited to the party. They need no introduction, even for another 2 other girls whom they've met in the Christmas party before.

The girls did their artwork. Mei-mei "finished" her artwork the fastest (but it's incomplete). She asked for some sausages. Then they went inside the house to play, W sent them up into the room with some props where they had to make up a play. Che-che was too shy to participate. Mei-mei was a little cat. So cute!

Their play was accompanied by music played by B's dad, a musician, Nice to have a musician dad, fills up the house with nice music (unlike this mummy who plays trash music and slams the piano keys when che-che is practising her piano) who is so versatile.(of course lah! he's a musician)
Well, it received applause for their effort for a marvellous job. Che-che didn't participate and she received a present as well. Oh! She had to sing to make up for it. Hahaha! Nothing comes free!!

The kids had their food, che-che didn't eat much. She eyed on the brownies, helped herself to 2 pieces.

Played; had their cake. Mei-mei was so helpful, she asked to help. She gave out 2 plates of cake ,came back for the next 3rd plate saying "aunty I want this part" - points to a piece in a middle of nowhere. Then sat down; forgot and promptly quit her job. Ha!

Photos for the day :
Kids did some colouring

She was the first one to finish.. well she didn't really finish her artwork. Tempted by the finger foods next table, she asks to have some food

The kids' work
Showing off!
Che-che had 2 brownies
A cat on the loose! And look what she's holding? A rat!!
The cast doing their curtain call

The birthday cake

After eating, she decided to continue to give the plates to W. But she wasn't going to give out the cakes, so mummy took over her job.

The kids playing in the playroom
Mei-mei found this fairy wings and asked to put it on
The kids had a great time and they were really tired.

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