Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm so proud

I'm so proud of mei-mei. She recited her 50 cards for the Shichida Olympics in less than 40 seconds! Surprised everyone including the mummy.

Weeks ago, during their class practice. She'd take 1 min + to recite, and she don't stand still when she recites. Standing on one leg; holding the other; scratching her hair etc... very fidgety lor. But that's my not much pressure from mummy. Afterall, the mummy also cannot remember the cards coz' it was KZ who helped me with her daily practice. Everyone took around the same time too.

Today, she was the last to recite. I reminded her about last night. Last night she saw V, getting ready for her Olympics this week too, reciting. I told her "this is the speed I want. You're suppose to do this fast. Ok?" She nodded her head. Today, she nodded her head.

I didn't know what to expect from her but whether she has Olympics or not, I know she can do it. It's only a matter of whether she wants to do it or not in her case. (very determined/hardy girl)
And then she started reciting. It was fast, I kept giving her the thumbs up (and mummy don't even know whether she is correct or not) to encourage her. When she completed the recitation, sensei turned to look at me "30++ seconds." There was a loud "wow" from everyone.

I'm surprised and happy no doubt.

Rewarded her later with her favourite bubble tea, without che-che's knowledge.


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