Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aricia's route to > Creative Writing

She had to do this Shichida homework. Apparently I printed out the pictures and stick them into the paper. Made her tell me what she saw.

She told KZ (who was helping her with the homework) : " I go to see dinosaur with mummy, daddy and che-che. Dinosaur very big, I very scared. Daddy bao-bao me. I take pictures with dinosaur, che-che also take. Che-che scared, I hold che-che's hand."

KZ tweaked it, rewrote on a piece of paper for her with the correct spelling. Read it for her to listen and then she wrote it herself. Took her a really long time to complete this coz' she had to erase each letter a couple of times (untidy etc..). After writing her full-stop, Aricia surrendered her right hand and complained "Aunty Zet.........my hand very tired, I cannot write oredi."

Not bad for her second attempt.

A few weeks ago too, I noticed when I let her play sequencing card, she tells me the story.
She's off to a good start in Creative Writing.

Well done, Aricia!

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