Monday, March 8, 2010

Aricia's bus rides

Everytime KZ helps me pick mei-mei up from school and bring her home, she has some interesting tales to tell me.

Mei-mei is always full of tricks and life is so funny & entertaining with her around.

Today, I was told, she went up the bus. Saw many grandmas in the bus. Shouted " many mamas". Then she waved enthusiastically with both hands at the same time to all the grandmas and greeted them "mama mama mama." Dunno if she was practicing her Miss Universe wave or her politician wave. Looks like it's the latter huh?

In a short span of time, she sang "Hallelujah" in the bus (very holy girl), she read out a book aloud in the bus, she sat with her legs open wide. KZ asked her to sit nicely she deliberately lift up her legs again and showed off her panties to the Aunty sitting opposite her. Haha! That girl has no shame at all. Reading, she said "yes, she was reading the words." I thought she had made up some stories on her own as I noticed she had been doing that of late. When KZ asked her to quieten down, she deliberately sang louder. And mind you, she's got a very sharp voice.

They had to change bus. In the bus-stop and really bored to tears, she said "Hello" to a man and a lady on both sides. Trying hard to make friends... Heehee! Then the man was dozing off , she asked him "Uncle, what are you doing?" Startled he simply nodded his head at her and tried to go back. She called him again, "Uncle, what are you doing?" He was being polite to her and trying hard to open his eyes. Haha! But when they got into the nice cooling bus, she fell asleep. This time round nobody disturbed her. To think less than an hour ago she was so bumbly and now all tired out.

I heard too on other bus-trips, she'd make friends and play with the che-ches there. The schoolgirls played with her too. Helps that my girl is a friendly person.

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