Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hinamatsuri ひな祭り - my style

You don't have to be Japanese to celebrate Hinamatsuri every 3rd March. I don't do it the right way too, I've changed it into my style. As I am writing this, I'm sure my girlfriend H in SIN celebrated for her 2 girls; my girlfriend M in Fukuoka did the same too.

As 3rd March falls on a Wednesday, and a long day for che-che with her enrichment classes. There's no way we can do so on the actual day. On Sunday, I presented them their goodies. But this time round, it wasn't the treats I had bought last week. And I don't intend to travel all the way down so made do with what I bought from Sakura Supermarket.

I packed them a present each.

Packed these for 20 kids. Well... 18 other kids to be exact. Took me some time to think of substitutes to pack into the bags.

The goody bags. Packed the extra sweets for school, didn't want any more sweets in my home. It came to a good use - gave to the boys.

On the day, mummies make ひなちらしchirashi or ひな祭り弁当 . I've made them a 弁当 bento each too, waking up at 5am (and slept at 3am - 2 hours of sleep) to prepare for them. Very simple 弁当 but took me a long time. My skills' not that good. Ahh................mummy's love for her children.

Mei-mei was certainly proud of her meal. Think I must do this for her more often - otherwise buy those items and never use also so wasted.

I missed their lunch, was suppose to be there early but too engrossed in my shopping. Kekeke! Teacher S took these for me. Thanks!

When I arrived, I was asked to give the goody bags to the kids. One boy was saying why Girls' Day and he declared the next day was Boys' Day. Haha! Hmm... okay see how whether I remember to do something for the boys come May.

I presented each kid a bag and wished them well. Like a pastor like that!

As for the ひなちらしchirashi. Yes, we prepared that too! But it's a variation of our local fried rice (prepared by KZ) and sprinkled with furikake. But I didn't snap photos of that coz' I was trying to feed mei-mei quickly in the car + it was in the thermal pot, didn't look that presentable.

I brought mei-mei out with me, following us. Tiring but well... it's a day for her. I must delcare everyday is "MUMMY'S DAY!!!" (without the kids)


The Chengs said...

Why do you celebrate a jap fest, har?

Lily Ann said...

Just for fun. Anyway, it's good meaning and for good fun. They're only kids once, something for them to remember by.