Friday, March 5, 2010

The day the ...

car battery died on me. Argh!

Did my usual hiding out in the nearby MSCP between the time after I pick mei-mei and before picking che-che. Girl sleeping in car after her snack, I did my things.

At precise time, I started the car engine. It started coughing.autostumble tried a couple of times, again nothing happened. Arh................. wrong timing too coz' it's lunch time and hubby has this habit of forgetting to bring out his mobile phone. Anyway, I really did call him a couple of times. He finally picked up the phone. If not, I would have called sister or whoever to help pick her up and send her home. It's not nice to be stranded with two kids + the terrible heat.

Called the school to ask her to wait for daddy in the General Office. Dowan to pick up a lobster-looking girl.

Hubby came by about 25 minutes later, went to the MSCP to see the lil' girl sleeping so soundly. Good thing, I have portable fans in the car. He called AA and waited for them, we were shoo-ed home. Drove the kids back home.

Called him an hour later and he was still there.

After this episode, I learnt a lesson. Never leave home without a wallet. After this incident too, I decided to put additional money in che-che's wallet for emergency use.


The Chengs said...

Now, that's why I've had an AA membership every since I bought my very first car some 14 years ago.

Lily Ann said...

We were surprised that it took AA that long that day