Sunday, March 21, 2010

Holiday week

Che-che had been following me out in the mornings this week. After I dropped mei-mei in school, we'd go somewhere to have our breakfast and then do some work. She'd get an hour to wander around before picking mei-mei up from school. Back at home, she get to relax a while before we start our normal routine.

15th (Monday)
Aricia skipped school, brought them to the airport to send daddy off. Had breakfast with daddy; kissed and hugged goodbye; played and played. We stayed at the airport for an hour plus; snacked and left for home.
Back home I was suppose to do some work with che-che but Iggy and mom came so we couldn't od anything. I was so tired and fell asleep for 2 hours. Nuah-ed at home, by the time I got up it was already 6.15pm. Had dinner and .... still tired but not going to be Ms Piggy. So I made bread since we ran out of bread and I'm so lazy/tired to leave the house.

16th (Tuesday)
Che-che and myself had our breakfast @ Macs. Then she did some work for me. Popped by Popular and bought her more story books.
Reached home, she decided to help me wash the cars. Aiyah! Had to praise her lor..........but she made me do double work. End up spending more time washing the cars.
Afternoon : did work for mummy again.

17th (Wednesday)
Had breakfast @ Delifrance. Did some work in there, then it started to get rather chilly (though we both had our cardigans on) we left for outdoor Ya Kun. Bad decision! She was rather distracted with her surroundings and was more keen on reading the book which she had bought yesterday, so let her be.
Brought her to TimeZone. She always want to play @ the Big Sweet Land. Always tell her it's a waste of money, she thinks she puts in coin and quickly scoop and drop will get her some sweets. Didn't believe me and she took my card thrice on that stupid game! She sees others with big bags of sweets very gian lor! Finally she got the idea that with that stupid $2.70 she wasted with no sweets, she could have bought some sweets from the supermarket. ( I remember KZ telling me that this kind of game is suitable for me coz' I'm so patient. Chey! I then dowan to spend $$ to get sweets and stuff toys. More likely too, I'd feel so heartpain over the loss of $$ for the miserable number of sweets when I could have bought them at a cheaper price.)

We did the photo machine thing again, I don't like the photos this time round. The Japanese ones are much nicer but pricier too!

Che-che played on this time beat game. She was so happy when I told her I had a certain number of tickets accumulated in my card, she can exchange them for the things she sees in the shelf. She prefer to wait.
Back home, she completed some work for the day for me. We started baking, this is to make up the loss of not baking for months. Che-che asked me "why I haven't been baking much and they haven't been celebrating their birth-month." I can't find the time to bake, though I'd love to experiment fondants (buy so many books & haven't used them yet) it's really time consuming.
This week suddenly I feel so stressed, so I turned to baking. A long list awaits me - marble cake; sugi cake; pandan cake etc.... baking them? I don't know, I haven't baked any of the cakes yet as of today (21st)

I decided to try something different, instead of the usual faster circular-shaped macaroons I asked che-che to help me trace shapes of car, Pooh head and Hello Kitty head.
Here, (in this pic) she is tracing the shapes on the baking paper. I flip to the other side to pipe and bake. She looks miserable in this pic while sifting coz' she didn't want to be photographed.
Car and Pooh macaroons. Can't do Hello Kitty, can't tell what it looked like. The kids munched on the macaroons
Then che-che helped me to spread the ganache. And licking off from her finger. Yeeks!
My bakes
I had baked 2 portions and nobody to share with (gave a few cars to Iggy) coz' ..... if you have seen the hygiene of my girl while helping me out, you would have fainted. She had a slight cold, so promised to me that if she sneeze she'd turn her head away. Okay, she didn't sneeze the whole time but ... 1) she forgot to wash her hands twice after she helped me trace the shapes. Wah.. kena lead poisoning. I had to remind her 2) she washed her hands and wiped on her dress. faint! I'm very fussy when it comes to baking, hygiene is of utmost importance. I'd use glove and I never paint my nails when I need to bake or I remove my nail polish before baking.

She didn't go for music lesson coz' she was very tired in the car. Didn't have energy to have her lunch. Gave her medications and sent her to bed. Woke up, helped me with baking and she felt so energetic. By time it was 6+, I had already decided not to let her go and rest much earlier. Hmm.... She was suppose to stay overnight at mom's but couldn't. I promised her if Iggy got well then she can stay over on Saturday.

18th (Thursday)
Had my weekly bonding time breakfast with mei-mei at the nearby coffeeshop. Sent her in and then made my way down to mom's place. Iggy still flu-ey. Made our way down to my beautician.

She was finally agreeable to try out ear candling, she used to think that she'd get her ears burnt etc.. I'm more concern about helping her with her sensitive respiratory system, which they claim helps.

A little wax and some 'feng'-air
She's happy and love it. I signed up for more sessions, so that she can use mine. So far, mom have used up 2 of mine and she said it's a nice and relaxing. I go back to my beautician for my ear candling & naval candling at least once a month.

19th (Friday)
Went to Macs for breakfast, then I realised I forgot my handphone. We left for home, did some Chinese work.
Picked mei-mei up, she's really excited. Kept telling me to change her clothes in the car.

Had lunch at BigSplash's Sushi Tei, can't find a nearby parking lot and found one at KFC. Halfway through lunch, it started to pour. OMG! Heavy rain, light rain... when we had to leave it poured. Duh! Asked them to help me take care of them and always stressing to people "I'm alone with them." - which means nobody can claim that the kids they are with them and take them away. Yah yah, you'll say I'm overly worried. I'm in Singapore, a safe place etc... but I had to play caution lor. Walked back with their umbrella, drove and picked them up outside.
Mei-mei kept telling me she wants to change her clothes etc... I was about to, drove to a carpark near Fort Rd. Kids dried themselves with a small towel, I'm more wet than them actually coz' I sheltered them from the rain. Tidied the car, things strewn about. A classmate just had a birthday celebration in school so goody bags and things thrown about. Sigh..

We made our way down via' Fort Rd & Kallang. In less than 15 mins I was there. I thought I was very early, we were an hour early but no... there are people there already.

Che-che remembers her first show, she kept claiming it was last year. But it was March 7th, 2008. Mei-mei was really excited, couldn't stop yakking. Stopped by souvenir store, they didn't bug to buy anything. Thank God! And I wasn't prepared to buy them a big tub of popcorns too (too heaty).
Two kids smiled at us, hey! that's che-che's LCCC friend and his sister. We chatted for a while and then che-che said she wanted to see A, the girl who share her same name. SMS-ed M wanting to meet but show was about to start. Came back to sit down, suddenly we heard someone calling mei-mei's name. Haha! It's C with her mummy and cousin. She was the one who had just celebrated her birthday in school, where mei-mei told me "there's a chicken and I am very scared". I'm sure we would have bumped into more people in other sections.

During the show, mei-mei was laughing; smiling and so ... elated. I can't describe that look on her face. She kept waving her hands "Hello Mickey, Hello Donald Duck etc......." jumping off from her seat, sit , jump off, sit on booster, take off booster etc.... wah.....that girl couldn't sit still.
She kept asking for Pluto, I had no idea she liked Pluto. When Pluto came out she was so happy. Even more happy when coincidentally Pluto stopped infront of her and tilted his head. She bursts out laughing "mummy, Pluto stick out tongue like that (actions) at me. So funny."

She waved at almost everyone that skated by her, they wave back (not all the time at her) but she was so happy. Cinderella wanted to shake hands with her, but she was afraid. Che-che was trying hard to act mature infront her mei-mei. Come on! Even the mother was childish, my older girl so matured?!?!

Photos :

Mei-mei likes this!

The next Disney On Ice, I must make sure I grab my tickets fast. Hopefully I can get the front view seats not the sides, I keep taking pictures of their backside.

20th (Saturday)
Promised her she'd stay over @ mom's tonight. Did some oral practice with her and then brother came by to pick her up. Mei-mei saw and was rather sad, "I also wan to go..." I had promised mei-mei for her to sleep with me tonight. And I thought with her alone at home, I can do some work + home session with her.
They left, I told them only che-che stays over. I sent KZ over to help out. Meantime, I made full use of the time they're out to do my things. Cannot finish leh! Too many things I need to print. Argh!
House is quieter and I love it. No one to scream; no noise. It's noisy at mom's place for sure - 3 kids. But they have 5 adults to 3 kids.
Dunno to say I'm a bad mummy or what.. but I kindda like this once in a while, without the kids. Need a time of my own (doing their things?!?!)

21st (Sunday)
Rather empty feeling now. The kids are coming home later, after lunch.

Kids will need to rest early. Term 2 starts tomorrow.

So, did we go to Jurong Bird Park or fly kite?? Nope! Weather's too unpredictable these days.


Mel said...

Wah that's a packed holiday week! We din go any outdoor places either.

Aiyah the Disney Show we were too far up to reach u guys, such a pity!

Lily Ann said...

Yah lor! Athena was quite disappointed. We couldn't catch hold of you guys coz' my friend came down to chat with us after the show (the 3 siblings)

Mr Lonely said...

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