Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy busy

Will be kept a little more busy from now. Our house were "seen" by a geomancer years ago. And now, 7 years later we had to ask him to "see" our house again. Whether we were moving or not, we still had to do this minor renovations.

And so are we moving? Guess not at the moment. We seemed to be house-hunting at the wrong time!! Heard from sources that this year would be good, so we started house-hunting again early this year and we were drawn back by the high prices. Let's just say we were being too greedy lor! If we had taken up the offer a year or so back then, we would be waiting for our place. So, no more D15 for time being. Wait and wait till the price drops. If they ever drop, if not maybe we'll live and die in this house. Hahaha!

Going to do some minor renovations in the house. Painting etc.. and to the 2 rooms. Generally our house "fengshui" is still good - even for 30 years! Gasp! So no need to tear the built-in cabinets around the house. Not much dusts as compared to a newly renovated place but ........to live in the house with existing rubbish and furnitures, it is a hassle! Plus I don't have that many hours to help around the house. In the daytime, only that 3 hours before I leave to pick kids up. Then afternoon I'll be so busy, I also hope the kids won't be distracted. Plus, I only have 2 days in the weekday free in the afternoon without any enrichment classes and shuttling around SIN.

Imagine we gotta cover up furnitures; move things around for them to paint the house. And when we're doing the 2 rooms, it's like "where the heck can I put all their rubbish??" Basically dump everything in the middle of everywhere so that they can reach to paint the walls. Sigh......I hate to think when we come to that part. It's alot of work moving things here and there.

1) Painting - whole house
2) Our room - re-line the study table top, the wood kindda chipped
3) Existing Kids' room - will be converted into a studyroom. I'm keeping their wardrobe and cabinets. The only amendments will be tearing off that structure between her single-bed and study table and the toys shelving. Extend the study table all the way to the end of the room, I might make it into a L-shape one so that I have enough space to sit between 2 kids. Then add cabinets along the window that side. Bring back the sofa bed back into the room again, 4 years later. Maybe this time get a bigger whiteboard but it means drilling holes in the wall, which I hate. Maybe the 3M sticker thing can withhold the weight? Put the whiteboard against the wall where the cot is now ; above the sofabed. So whoever sleeps there will worry if the board drops in the middle of the night and kill him/her. Haha! Hope the cabinet space is sufficient for me to putmy junks their educational materials. The tired me feels like selling away all the flashcards... will definitely leave me some space. But... mei-mei loves them. Sigh.....and I'm too tired to print anymore now.

4) Spare room - will be their room since in-laws are not staying with us and we need the space. No intention to dismantle the wardrobe too coz' it's still good. Of course the hassle will be moving the things inside the wardrobes over. Removing the TV wall-stand + redundant TV. Might remove the wall shelves too and maybe buy this? but then it's cloth-like so may pose problem for cleaning/dust-collection. The next 2 alternatives - Great that their room can be in pink. Wonder how long it'll take them to outgrow this sweet pinkish colour.
Need to do cabinets along the windows to put their toys. Was so tempted to convert one small part into a relaxing/reading corner but .. alas! no space! Can't do much coz' there will be 2 single beds joined together for them to roll to one-another; kick one another; smell each other's armpit etc.. So the walking space is rather restricted.
I'm even more excited to do up their room coz' the last time I did up their current room with the colour and borders were done 7 years ago (during confinement and sticking the borders ok!! When I got scolding from mom.) . They like Hello Kitty; Princess etc... Hello Kitty is cute but too much is an eye-sore. And I don't want their room to look like a SPCA. If Sanrio character, I'd prefer to have Little Twin Stars theme. I think a general fairy/princessy that kind of idea should be good. Wouldn't get sick and tired that soon right?
So tempted to buy this 2 to hang their clothes. But very costly USD$100++ each excluding shipping. And I think no space for 2, just 1. And then kids will start fighting "I take left hand, no you take right hand etc..."

Get them a CD player so I can play music for them while they sleep and can also hypnothize them with "1 x1 is 1, 1 x 2 is 2...." Hahaha! Problem now is their stuff toys. We receive so many stuff toys presents for birthdays/christmas. Now it's cluttering up the space and may have to resort to putting them in a better place. No TV in their room for sure.

Time to get busy!

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