Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time with the expats

The last Saturday (6th) we were invited to hubby's colleague home. Trust my hubby not to tell me where the heck we were going, and I didn't bother to ask him too coz' I was busy up to my neck the day before and on the day. Perhaps he didn't know either.

And so, it was an invitation for our family, that means for two weekends in running KZ couldn't accompany us. (Think she prefers it this way too! No kids to run after) I'm glad I dressed up the girls in their pretty frocks.
I only got my "briefing" from him when we were in the lift when I asked him for colleague's name. Helped that the lift in their condo was hydraulic run. It took a really long time to get to the 5th floor. No joke!
An expat colleague that is going to be posted to another office in a neigbouring country. When we were there, we were greeted by 4 other couples. 2 or 3 of whom are in his company. Another 1 or 2 is a friend of the host. The wives stuck together; the men stuck together. My kids (thankfully) were in their best behaviour. Prim and proper, not like some gila kids running about. I should have brought them a toy to play, rather we shouldn't have brought them along. We were like the oddest couple to have brought our children along, the rests? Their kids are in their teens & they have their own agenda.

Self introductions were made. I was asked "So, where are you from?" Ehh....... I don't speak with a certain diction which puts me out of our Singapore map. I look local. "Singapore", I said proudly.
We talked, nice ladies they were. But expats talk are really different lor! I can't explain in words exactly how to describe that 'not in that league'. Anyway, I'm not there to be in their league coz' I'm not!
I'm not sure what the men talked. Should have asked my little girl, who made her presence felt by standing around people and looking at them talk. Didn't feel shy; was very smiley all the time. Older girl was a little shy, stayed in a corner, came to me occasionally.

Dinner served after the cocktail. Host's wife culinary is superb! The kids didn't eat anything, coz' we had settled their dinner outside first. Very angmoh style, the wife invited us ladies to help ourselves to the food. After we got ours, the men took theirs.
Dessert served. Kids looked forward to the chocolate cake. Woah! I'm not on a diet anymore!!

I was rather surprised that they didn't understand much about CNY. One Swedish couple who had been here for 8 years, had no idea what is being done. That gives me an idea of having them over for CNY. But it's too short notice to prepare anything so kept quiet. Maybe next year?

We stayed a little longer and then .. what better excuse for us to make our exit? We need to put the kids in bed. I'm so glad the kids behaved themselves and didn't embarrass us.

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