Thursday, February 11, 2010


P told me how much she had earned from CNY baking this year and commented how it is not worth it to spend so much time on baking to earn this sum of money. I totally agree with her. I didn't have to bake that many bottles like her but I was already exhausted. Perhaps I wasn't given ample timing. For her, orders came in one month before. So she's able to time her baking in advance, plus her younger kid takes the school bus. So technically she has more time than me in the mornings.

And dad who tried, said "next year you bake 100 bottles. I help you sell." I thought it was absurb. I'm not that hard for that miserly $$ to make me slog so hard.

But basically for me, I find that I'll not be able to earn much (even if I decide to bake to sell) coz' I use expensive butters; expensive flour; expensive cheese. Basically everything's expensive except for the cheap cheap eggs - but still it's cholesterol free & what corn fed etc.. I give good quality stuffs which is good for home baking and gifts to family. But to sell? I'll go bankrupt. Price too high, nobody buys. And honestly, I'm not the person who will compromise on quality. Plus bakers will agree with me that good quality butters do make a lot of difference to bakes. Someone I know tells me Golden Churn is good and so I tried on one of my recipe, I don't find the taste that oustanding which only has 81% butter fat as compared to my 82% Lurpaks.

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