Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY - 1st Day

The normal thing we do every year.
Hubby crawls into bed at 6+am after a night out with his friends playing cards. I used to join him, until Athena was 1. Then I realised it was inconvenient to bring a young kid with us; finding a place for her to sleep. I finally decided not to go. Haven't seen his friend's wife for a very long time.
As for me, I stayed home and watched White Chicks on TV, not interested to watch the CNY Specials - boring! Just sing and dance, the only segment I look forward to is the Zodiac prediction thing.

Kids sleeping; I fell asleep after White Chicks ended.

Lazy slow day. What a way to begin the new year. In turn, our kids also feel that CNY is a little boring except to collect angpow. That's what che-che told me "CNY is so boring, I only look forward to collecting hongbao." Now that we're aging, we feel that visiting is a routine. Know what I mean? Or perhaps now with every family so small, it isn't fun or noisy anymore. Infact for the past few years, our neighbourhood was so quiet.

The kids had their lunch at home before setting off to PILs place.

The usual - eat; eat and eat. Argh! I think I've put on weight!! Going vegetarian for the whole week!!
Since today's Valentine's Day too. Che-che bought some cookies from school for the selected recipients. (So poor thing, she bought and named who she wanted to gift to. Then she whined "but I dun have........" I don't have to wait for her hint, I would have given mine to her.) Everyone else had left, we stayed on for another hour or so watching TV. A hilarious Korean collaborated with HK show. I was so tired that I literally fell asleep on the sofa. OMG! Old already!! We left for mom's place after that. Had dinner. Eat again!!! The little cousins played; fought. Poor mei-mei got bullied not by che-che but by Iggy. Poor thing. Then left for home, the kids over-stimulated and fell asleep. I fell asleep fast too. What a day. Like I said, CNY is becoming a routine for us. Perhaps next year we should look into travelling out on CNY?

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