Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our day

L came by SIN and we met up. Hubby couldn't go as he had to finish up his assignment; mom had to go back home to offer offerings. It was only che-che and me who went, I can't bring that little girl with me, handling 2 kids all alone ........ I always end up exhausted and confused smileys.

We left home much earlier than our appointed time, after she had completed some work for me.

As I was turning into the carpark, we noticed dragon dance opposite Bugis Junction. Managed to find a lot fast and we watched the performance. Awesome!
We walked around BJ, passed by this shop with all the purikuras. Suaku mummy never did this before. $11 is too costly but we did have fun posing. Better still with the decoration part, we did rubbish coz' it's our first time and we didn't really know what to do. Gotta do this again.

These are the shots we took.

This is my favourite picture

Che-che posing outside shop
Did some shopping for tidbits at basement. Left to meet L at her hotel. Didn't know where to go (bad host) so drove to Suntec for a meal. Went to Crystal and ordered a YuSheng, didn't order those set coz' too much for us to eat.

It was an experience for L, I thought she had done this before. While we were tossing, 2 kids from the next table kept looking at us. Asked them to join in, they were too shy. They're Japanese so this is very new to them too.
Scooped up a full bowl for them to try. The kids and daddy (mummy didn't try) were so happy.
This is what the waitress would say when presenting us the Yusheng

1) Everyone gathers around the table where the ‘Yusheng’ is. Greetings like ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’,
‘Wan Shi Ru Yi’ and ‘Xing Nian Kuai Lei’ are exchanged. As each ingredients is added into a
big plate, auspicious words are mentioned by the person preparing the ‘Yusheng’.
2) Strips of Raw Fish is first added.
‘Nian Nian You Yu’
Symbolising surplus and abundance.
3) Pomelo is added over the fish.
Alternatively, squeeze a lemon or lime.
’Da Ji Da Li’
Symbolising good luck and auspiciousness.
4) Pour the Oil ( golden in colour) and circled around the ingredients.
’Cai Yuan Guang Jin’
Symbolise the strong inflow of wealth.
5) Shredded Carrots are added.
’Hong Yun Dang Tou’
Indicating the arrival of good luck.
6) Shredded Green Radish is added.
’Qing Chun Chang Zhu’
Symbolising eternal youth.
7) Shredded White Radish is added.
’Bu Bu Gao Sheng’
Symbolising promotion at work or increase in business profits.
8) Crushed Peanuts are added on the dish.
’Jin Yin Man Di’
Symbolising the overflowing of gold and silver.
9) Sesame Seeds are added.
’Sheng Yi Xing Long’
Symbolising a flourishing and prosperous business.
10) Pepper (in red sachet) and Five-Spice Powder (in green sachet) are sprinkled over the
’Shuang Xi Ling Men’
Symbolising the showers of blessings for double happiness.
11) Plum Sauce is added on top of all the ingredients.
’Tian Tian Mi Mi’
Symbolising that life will be sweet.
12) Deep-Fried Golden Crisps are added.
’Pian Di Huang Jin’
The ground is completely filled with gold.
13) Finally everyone tosses the ‘Yusheng’ salad high in the air with chopsticks shouting out ‘Loh
Hei’ (in Cantonese) loudly, followed by ‘Yue Lao Yue Qi, Lao Dao Feng Shen Shui Qi’. ‘Loh
Hei’ means ‘tossing for good luck’. ‘Yue Lao Yue Qi, Lao Dao Feng Shen Shui Qi’ means ‘the
higher you toss it, the better your luck, till good luck becomes so overwhelming’. Other
auspicious words and wishes are also shouted.

We spent almost 2 hours on our tea. Che-che asked to feed kois.
Sent her back to hotel and we left. There's school the next day, can't stay too late.

Back home, the kids were happy with their goody bags from L.

Here, my lil girl playing with the paper bag out of mischief

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