Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY - 2nd Day

Mom, dad, bro and family headed to Muar this morning. We didn't tag along, would rather relax at home. The temptation of putting firecrackers didn't tempt me enough, che-che would have tempted the mozzies with her blood.

Instead we headed down to River Hongbao with 2 kids + KZ. A slow and relaxing day it certainly was.

Delicacies : Ma La Toufu, che-che's fav sweet sesame ball, some glutinous rice thing

We had our dinner @ Sakae and then brought the kids to Andersen. Something triggered che-che's mind, and she started reciting out what she remembered about Hans Christian Andersen. "Born in 1805 in Denmark. He wrote books for children". Not bad! I couldn't confirm on his birthdate until I came home and checked.

Once after ice-cream was served, my 2 kids tucked in. Mei-mei's not so keen in dessert and cakes (I noticed lately), had less than 10 small spoonfuls then stopped.
We left for home tired. I knocked out in the car too!

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