Monday, February 22, 2010


Monday blues? Not for me today coz' I went to do some shopping. Yay!

After I dropped the kids, I had a nice breakfast and went to an Internet cafe near mei-mei's school to surf for one hour. Then headed down to Isetan Scotts. What I don't like though is that shops don't open early so it means I always have to rush through my shopping. First stop was to Tangs as I needed to get my makeup from MACs. At the same time, bought some stuffs from Benefit, heard they have some products good for people like me who don't have time to make up my face. Some products of theirs do a quick 'perk me up' radiance thing on the face.

Walked back to Isetan Scotts and went to supermarket. I was looking for some things, they don't have that fair anymore the staff told me. What pissed me off? The nonchalant respond from a cashier when I enquired her "I'm sorry, I only started working here." #@$%! I hate this kind of staff! Goes to show the level of service you get!

Disappointed coz' I've made my way down after seeing them having a fair before. Hmm.......what was I looking for? Tell you a week later.

Anyway, I had plans to go down Meidi-ya to do my monthly bulk purchase of Japanese groceries later in the afternoon with mei-mei. So I hope I would be able to find what I need there.

After picking mei-mei up, went to Liang Court. Had a nice meal (I think) in the foodstalls at basement. I'm always so happy when I see / plan to bring them to places which serve udon. They will be slightly well-behaved; not embarrassing me outside with their eating-tactics. Horrible!

In these pictures, she was happily slurping up the udon. She finished almost the whole bowl (adult portion) leaving only a few strands for the mummy to eat. Scooped twice into this small bowl for her.
If only my kids are not that fussy over food. Mei-mei is not as fussy as che-che (but they're still rather fussy). What kills me is the feeding part. 3+ suppose to eat by herself. She end up messing
up everywhere and playing with her food. To avoid the extra cleaning part, we always feed her until ... "mummy's going to your school even when you're in P6 to feed you if you can't eat properly. And then you'd be the laughing stork! " - that's what I tell her.

Bought groceries. And things for next week. These can't be kept for one whole week for sure, so we ate it up within 3 days.
tWhat are they? Anyway, by now you would have noticed in my massive update in here.

These are things for ひな祭り, that's why had to drop by Japanese supermarket.

In the picture above, the pink colour thing is Sakuramochi 桜餅. The white thing is also mochi. The squarish thing is Yōkan Red Bean Jelly With Chestnut - not a treat for ひな祭り but who cares. I always love Japanese 和菓子 wagashi.

I saw this!!I mean Minnie Mouse. Hello Kitty's been available in SIN for quite some time already. There's also Mickey Mouse but with these yamabokos expiring fast, I can't buy so many. Hmm... I gotta stop pampering my kids with all these cutesy foodstuffs. Rather costly you know! $6+ for one small block.

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