Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lost that girl in music school !!

Brought mei-mei out with me the whole day on the 10th for che-che's LW and music lesson. That girl had to wander away from me.

I was in music school waiting, at first she was sitting down with me then she walked a little further from me. Called her back, I merely peep into the window looking at che-che. 10 seconds later, I turn to her direction and she's not there.
Panic! Ran to look for her. Turned out we were walking in circles therefore she couldn't find me.

I swear my heart dropped. I worry if she had walked out of the music school into the mall. Though I keep complaining she's naughty etc... I wouldn't want to lose my child. When I finally saw her, she was with a friend's husband. He was "looking for me" while we were walking in circles. According to him, she walked around and then spoke to him (she didn't recognise him) "I'm looking for my mummy, I want to go toilet." He brought her to find me, apparently can't find me coz' I was on the other side looking for her. Daring siah! He was very surprised that she's so outspoken, but I tell you her outspoken-ness and outgoing nature makes me more worried.

She hasn't started her music lesson yet, and she's already well known in the school - for being that lost child. Sigh........

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