Friday, February 12, 2010

The day before the eve

I was questioned "so how's your preparation for CNY?" the day before by P. And that lead me to think - NONE! To think that I'm usually an organised person and will get all my To-Dos done at least a week before CNY. Argh..........

Spring Cleaning - left it to KZ after listing the things need to be done. No time to declutter the house; throw away old and buy new. Nothing of that sort, I throw and clear things in the house on and off; don't have to wait till CNY. And I gotta bao ga-liao everything, how to do the whole house? What I could do was to remove the flashcards & whatever daily materials I need for Aricia's home session from the TV console and remove the pocket hangers. Stash them inside the storeroom. Ha!

If it's preparation for myself. I had been so busy with baking that I can only paint my nails after my bakes completed. Some more to do but I'm tired out! We don't have much CNY goodies this time round in our house too coz' every year we end up throwing them away. We don't eat much ......look so pathetic.
I didn't specifically shop for new clothes or shoes. I bought them about a month back and kept them intact in their plastic bag/box. It's new!
I forgot about haircut! Hair colour! Today while waiting for kids in PP, I remembered. One salon is fully booked; another didn't have many customers but they said needed a long time which I don't have. Sigh.... no haircut no hair colour (and my whites are showing)

Bought these cute jellies for the children in both kids' school. I'm not sure who che-che gave the 8 jellies to. I gave mei-mei 21 jellies and she gave them all out.

When we got back home early, I quickly embarked on my DIY hair colour. I don't like the outcome - make my hair look black. I will re-do it again in a month's time.
Got the red packets ready too.

Hubby's not home with PILs. I made some mango pudding.

1st batch - coz' I only have one mold, needed to do another pair tomorrow.
The extras that I have were made into these Mickey Mouse
and Anpanman!! The kids love these more than Mickey, I love them too coz' they're small. Hee!
Had our dinner at home before leaving house to do stock up on groceries for the long week. FIL stayed alone at home.
We pop by a nursery nearby. Dunno why hubby decided to buy potted plants this year. In the end, he didn't buy coz' I explained to him "we have no sun along our corridor. The plants will surely wilt." Don't sound that positive on my part huh? Would love to have plants definitely but I'm not doing any justice to the plants so why waste the $$?

We went home to be greeted by >> 2 opened ice-cream tubs on the dining table. FIL was scooping the ice-cream and eating from it. That's not it! One of my fish was eaten. Gasp! Can't blame him, heard that he normally finds food in the house. I should be thankful that my house wasn't on fire and he didn't pee on my bed, sofa etc..

Ehh. I'm not going to make the pudding anymore!

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