Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aricia's 读书

I literally threw papers for che-che to do unsupervised today - 23rd (Dunno about the heart attack I'd get later from marking her papers - all the careless mistakes.) as I need to fully concentrate on mei-mei.

It was a full two hour plus of Shichida + cha-pa-lan stuffs which I need to do but really can't find much time or they're done halfway and never completed for a long time. (been spending too much time with che-che. Tons of work). Really kudos my mei-mei - she can sit through my extra long session today.

Arctic animals. Yup! Still haven't finished covering but with today's session. I'm all done. What I like to do too, is to log online and let her watch videos. National Geographic have very interesting; informative videos.

Have you heard of this Artic animal -
Narwhal? I've never heard of this before but like I always say I'm always learning new things together with my children.

The final time when she buay tahan my session, too hungry liao at 6pm. She decded to challenge me like she did yesterday.
Where's your left/ right, hide her hands behind her. "I dowan to show". Lift up her legs, where's your left/right?. Crosses her leg " I dowan to show". I touched her eyes, where's your left/right Open that eye. "I dowan to see". buay tahan. Pull her hair, "I dowan to show hair" "You want to eat chocolate??" "Ok!" "where's your left. She deliberately cover both eyes and then lift up that hand revealing the eyes for me. DUH!

Can't remember which date too, she challenged me. She was suppose to circle the words 'to' in a wordsearch puzzle. She happily circled all the 'to's and included a bonus for me - 'go'. I asked her why she circled and asked her to read the instructions for me. She read "Circle the words 'to'." "Then why did you circle 'go'?" After some time she insisted "because have such word." ?!?!?!

Why do I still have the drive to do so much? Coz' it's really satisfying when I see the results and it goes to show - yes! early intervention is good.

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