Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The routine starts - my mad routine

After a nice 4 days break in the 2nd month of the new year 2010, it's time to start the routine again.

Must say that 4 days I simply felt like doing nothing. How great will it be if I can don't care about the childrens' studies. How great will it be if I can only eat; sleep; watch TV; enjoy. But then that doesn't make me any difference from being a pig. (ah......the only difference is pigs can be slaughtered and feed others. I can't be eaten. Yeeks!)

This morning, I only need to bring che-che to school. Mei-mei slept in a little longer and she was awake by the time I got home. Gave her some quality time sessions. I really need to look into coping equally between both of them. I'm giving more attention to che-che this year, poor mei-mei. Thank goodness, KZ is able to help me in some aspects with her homework so it kind of lessen my workload. So I know my girl still gets that 100% input from both of us instead on just relying on myself. But then you know KZ is not supposed to help me in this, I have some concerns with the way she pronounces her words. And .... KZ's not working for us after this contract is over. I gotta start thinking. Totally dump the flashcard things? (can clear the space in their cupboard too. But mei-mei love flashcards leh!) and concentrate on what I need to do.

Right now, besides coping with che-che's daily homework from school (I only glance through the homeworks after she's done to make sure no mistake) she gotta do the works that I give her. They are works either from her assessment books (she has 3 for each subjects - YES! I'M THAT EVIL!!!! Why 3, some subjects 4 coz' each book concentrate on different aspects. Sometimes I select the questions for her to do, so she's not exactly attempting the full 50 questions in that topic).

ºCoping with all 3 subjects, though I let go of Chinese a little since I teach her wrong things. Hahaha! Trying hard to cope with teaching Values + she has Ethics in school, maybe just drop the whole thing and let her read her Joy Berry books.
º English - I don't do that whiteboard grammar thing this year since I've done it last year. It's basically a revision verbally. I have some books which I bought online from US for English too. It's like learning through play. Then she do some assessment book work, I go through some mistakes with her and point out how to spot the answers etc... comprehension. Ahh......suppose to go into Composition but ..... that is very long and draggy. Though I send her for LW, I still have to enforce with her at home.
º Maths - I'm very hands on. 200%. Coz' I love Maths!! (Ha! Seems like I love every subject except the two languages.). Thrill to see that she can cope with those challenging sums, so I give her more IQ kind. The more she do; the more shiok the mother feels; the more she goes "huh? again?" But those are just for fun not those markable assessment books type. If she gets wrong, I don't get angry. Her assessment books, also circled out some for her to do coz' she has 3 books.
Then certain days, I have my other books which I bought online from US. Play through learn kind; she does manipulatives too with the cuisinaire rods and other materials I have at home. (my kids can be homeschool!!)
She's good in Maths, she can think real fast. Can do word problems multiple steps. The only thing that make me angry is her carelessness. Copy down also can copy wrongly?! You know all those nitty gritty parts where she shouldn't be losing marks. She lost her marks; her mother lost her mind!! Mother very long-winded can go on nagging and nagging. This mother is also a MODEL Queen. Since Day 1 this year, I've been enforcing on her to do models on every thing. Then she says "But Ms Wong say no need." Well, it's in the 3rd or 4th unit, mummy's kiasu let her do everything fast. So when it's time for her to do in class now, she does it fast. And I got her the ruler to ease her drawing the models. Her classmates saw it and bought it too.

Must credit this mummy (must give myself a pat on the back) for dedicating all her life on the kids, sleeping late just to prepare things. Spend money like crazy just for the materials. Hubby never really complain but once he did mention about buying those Teacher Guide things for what. I told him then send child for all the different classes, you see how much you have saved with me bao-ga-liao everything right from A to Z to Phonics to Maths to ..... endless!
I say I will sell them but ... problem is will parents be as crazy as I am to take over my materials. It's alot of dedication and discipline to go through this. Think think, I gotta go through this too when mei-mei is in Primary school too. And I'm already 35. Sigh.....

My routine with mei-mei. Again I must emphasize I'm really lucky I have KZ. I can outsource certain jobs to her. KZ's had been helping me with mei-mei's Aricia Shichida's homeworks; weekly drawings and colourings; Shichida's LM (memorize and recite 50 cards); Shichida's poem recitation; Shichida's Peg Memory. And certain things I gave her to let her do it at her own planning are books like maze; right/left-brain books; cutting; colouring. Mind you, with her helping me that. I can be outside concentrating on che-che. So 2 kids are doing work at the same time without me spilting myself into 2, and risk having one or the other dreaming or kapo-ing.
When I sit down with mei-mei, it's her flashcards and things that we do in Shichida class. On top of that, 3 subjects with her too!
º Chinese - Using that resource from China. Which needs time to prepare props ahead when I'm doing the songs with her. (So when I prepare I prepare a few lessons' props together.) Reads out the Chinese words to her, show her flashcards. She has a takeout tag too, all laminated and ring-ed up so she can take it out whenever she feels like it; or I'll bring to the car. Do her Nursery assessment book. Then the mother is so happy when she speaks in Chinese (still sound very funny) and points out words to me.

º English -
Phonics aspect - I need to embark on the next step (CVC) with her but I've been too busy with che-che.
Words - she's reading words for me; reading simple books.
Practising her writing. She hates to write I noticed so make her write. Told you I'm an evil mother. She hates to draw, ask her to copy drawing she draw streaks. Every child is different.
Doing worksheets which I have downloaded to incorporate things that I'm teaching her
Nursery assessment book
I also have these range of books which is really interesting. Using Nursery Rhymes to teach children on grammar, opposites etc... a range of things. No stress on this, give her introduction and will pick up these books again maybe in another year to reinforce.

º Maths - Likewise, I have the range of Maths books. Using Nursery Rhymes, classifying; counting; sequencing etc.. are taught. Some days I use this.

When she's a little older like maybe 5 or 5+, I'll try to start her on my WOL. I started Athena when she was 5+ going 6 so my benchmark is earlier for mei-mei definitely.
She has assessment book to do too.

Apart from that, I do concentrate on one theme for a month or maybe drag on to two months. Using the Kidssoup resources, I've all the materials ready for me to use anytime (thing is - I can't find much time!!). Remember a year ago, I was going to mom's place like almost everyday to print out things from this subscribed website, so that I can prepare everything in one shot.
Those resources do cover aspects on English and Maths. So all my materials are complimenting one another.

Writing. Hates to write, doodles and .............argh! driving me crazy. I mean, you have one kid who can answer every question you ask but she has no interest in writing. So I make her practise.

I let her play some IQ games, Stiles etc.. a wide variety of games to make her smarter than mummy. And she's not at that age where she can play with it unsupervised. More likely my playful girl will find ways to 'geng'.

Basically I'm just too busy with the kids. Such life!

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