Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNY Baking III & IV

Back to Pineapple Tarts again after a short break. I can't seem to concentrate on one thing at a time.

However, this time round I baked Cheese pineapple tarts last Tuesday (2nd). As usual, I kept a bottle for myself and gave 2 (1 each) to mom and MIL. Gave another one to mei-mei's school.

In the afternoon, Teacher M called to thank me for it and asked if I would sell my bakes. I didn't want to coz' I was baking for leisure. But in the end told her I'll consider it.
End of the week, I promised I'll deliver what they want by next Tuesday, which is today.
So it was more baking on top of new batches of Cashew Sugi. Tiring!

Learnt that I really have to do everything by MYSELF! On Sunday, I decided to start the baking for sale. KZ offered to help, so asked her to help me weigh the dough. After she was done, she asked if she could help further. I agreed to let her help me. I thought she was doing the filling up and rolling fast and threw it any-o-how on the baking plate. Turned out wrong decision lor! Those that she did which = 2 bottles > DESTROYED! Can't remove the tarts from the plates and became naked on the bottom. At first it didn't occur to me but then it's all done by her, I did 5 pieces on that plate after I had finished mine. And my 5 was good. Can't say I blame her but I get so frustrated that the day's work is kindda wasted.

After that, no more help except the weighing of dough.

This afternoon, delivered the bottles to them. My work's done! I still have one bake to do for myself but frankly I'm so tired now.

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