Friday, August 21, 2009

KZ's BD cake

Didn't want to bake for KZ, to spare her my horrible bakes. I declared to her a few days before that "I'm buying you your birthday cake, buy you a better tasting cake instead of my horrible taste cake." But she said she didn't mind my cakes, she likes the cakes (tactful??) I bake.

In the end, I baked her a cake for her birthday and will buy her another slice of her favourite cake from Four Leaves to make it up to her. Call it diplomatic on her part but it does make my ego go big. Hee! The only thing is that I can't bake a cake for che-che this month (it's her turn) coz' it's only 3 days apart and I didn't want to be laden with tasks to bake 2 cakes in such a short span of time.

Still playing with fondant, not that adventurous. Wanted to make her a clown cake but .... very tired after all the coaching work with the children.
In the end, it was this >>

Using my sports ball pan. Very versatile pan - so pleased with it. Can try to think of so many things to do with this pan.
Ah ha! I don't know if it was the cutting mat that helped me with the rolling of fondant (didn't have any fondant sticking to the table) and I didn't dust that much icing sugar on the mat + it was much better than before & I didn't have to ask KZ to 'hurry bring the cake over to me'.
So pleased with myself. Yay!
Hmm.... I managed to get a slightly darker tone closer to black.
Using Pocky sticks (I ate the strawberry part) as feelers.

Mission accomplished!


Serene said...

Hey, u are damm good!!

Lily Ann said...

This is so simple ......and I'm so thick-skinned to show this.

Jean said...

Very nice!!!

Lily Ann said...


I saw your cakes too. They're very nice!!