Thursday, August 13, 2009


Che-che was one of the 10 children selected in her class to compete with other P1 classes. Her class came in 2nd. She was really happy, it's the first time she's been selected for something (whereas I'm always the reserve runner in my team - heehee!) and I'm so proud of her.
She couldn't wait for her prize from the teacher. It's a white board.... okay lah! That girl put in on top of our piano standing up like it's a trophy. Heehee!

Sore loser
I am a sore loser. I brought her to the NLB on the Friday before National Day. I suddenly remembered that she mentioned about drawing (and that the library will put up her drawing) and started to look for it. I saw a few nice pictures done by her classmates and I can't find hers. I felt so sore, although I know that with her standard it's impossible that her drawing will be on display. But you know that feeling as a mother that you wish some people might identify her drawing as the next Picasso or too abstract (until can't figure out what it is) and you want your child's work to be put up so that you'll feel so proud. She tried hard looking for her drawing and can't find it, she didn't say anything else after that... she must be sad. When she's sad; the mummy feels it too. Tomorrow I will burn down the library!!!!!

Private music lesson??
S was telling me that at her level now, it's going to be a big jump/difficult from what she did last year. It'll be better if I can sign her up for a private one-to-one lesson on top of Yamaha's JXC.
I am not going to do that for sure! I want time to do work with her at home, not to take time travelling again. Well if I'm going private, I might as well withdraw her out from JXC. I'm not withdrawing her out as yet coz' it'll be 半途而废, but will consider after she finished the whole JXC course next year.

I signed Aricia for the music enrichment in her school, thinking that I'd only sign her up for this month since I joined the class when it's coming to an end to its Book 1. And I won't continue coz' I want to put her in Little Notes. Yes yes yes, I know I mentioned that I found Little Notes a waste of time and I'd do with her at home, and sign her up for Music Wonderland.
Problem is - girl fights with me for everything when I do it with her at home. I don't open a school which requires 2 castanets; 2 sleigh bells; 2 tambourines; 2 pairs of rhythm sticks, so my girl has been fighting with me all the time. When I try to correct her by holding her hand, she screams thinking I'm taking it away from her. Failure!!
I checked with Yamaha-Tampines for the timing, it falls on Thursdays... crazy to have 3 enrichment classes back to back and rushing from Toa Payoh (Shichida) to Hougang (Berries) to Tampines (Yamaha). Worst still, the interval between the last 2 is half an hour, impossible to rush that fast. Next alternative is to find out timing in Yamaha- Marine Parade. Unfortunately they have the same evening timing, as what the staff says, "It's mainly for those working parents coz' parents are required to attend classes with the children. " Ehh... then it's not fair right?
So now, I've decided to let her try out a little longer in school, which won't interfere with any timing at all. I can still pick her up at the usual timing will be in school curriculum time. And hopefully to sustain longer until Music Wonderland starts. Hopefully there'll be afternoon classes then. If not, then who knows I might resort to private lessons for her.

During the class observation, prior to signing her up for the class, I was pleased when she could hit the drums according to the rhythm.
Then the following week, I did my spy job (which one teacher laugh at the way I tried to spy on her thru the small window panel and duck when someone looks at the direction). After the lesson has ended, the teacher said she did well in class. The only thing is that she keeps playing with the triangle. I'm so proud of her, but then I had to test her right? Coz' teachers might just want to say postivie words infront of parents otherwise it reflects on them. At home, I played the music and she followed accordingly. I'm so happy!!
The only setback about this class? Is that I can't sit in so I wouldn't know what's being taught in class to go thru with her at home.

I don't know what happened to my lil' girl. Once she started tearing when she waved goodbye to me. Oh no! It's the mood swings from the children. How I dread that? If I don't stand firm, I will give her the wrong message that she can be out of school any time she cries. And when I do stand firm, I may seem like a heartless mother.
The next day, she controlled her tears but I could see that she was a little sad. At that time, how I wished she'll burst out crying loud but she didn't coz' she probably is more mature than her che-che at that age (che-che would give that loud ourbursts which also made me mad) and thus she is able to control. But this mad mother hopes that she don't control too much and might turn withdrawn next time. Ai yah, whatever ways I always hope for the opposite to happen, I'm unpredictable myself.
These days she keeps repeating "Sunday no need to go to school. I dowan to go to school tomorrow." Asked school, says nothing happened. Sigh... I pray hard this will be over soon. Poor girl.

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