Saturday, August 15, 2009


I had a workshop to attend in che-che's school in the morning. The 2 kids were at home.

After the workshop ended, I decided to spend leisurely time on my own. Hubby told me the night before he needed to go somewhere else to register for his course. Perfect! I am not obligated to rush home since he'll be out; I'll be out; the kids will drive KZ mad at home.

Oh boy I am so wrong....I get a phonecall from che-che asking about my whereabouts. Look here! She's the mother not me!! Then after some time, I have a phonecall from him when he was outside buying lunch for them asking for my whereabouts. Huh? He never bothered about me or should I say we're rather independent.
How is it that I can never have a nice peaceful time away from home?

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