Sunday, August 16, 2009


Darn! The children's BD party has to be cancelled (though fortunately no invitations were out yet)

Just becoz..........just becoz.......... no timing fits!

Okay, okay why kids BD party? Decided to do a joint BD celebration to make life less taxing for me. Ideally the celebration would be on Ari's BD itself - 19th (which falls on a Saturday).

I then checked hubby's schedule. (He is going to go back to books soon, doing his Executive Masters in HR. Happy for him that he's upgrading himself while I'm not!! He needs to attend lessons 6 times every month, Fridays : 7pm-10pm; Saturdays and Sundays : 9am - 5pm. So it means two weeks of this vicious cycle every month.) And of all days, it has to be that BD week and the week before!!! Can't do it too early coz' it's too rushing to get everything done by 5th Sept - which is *gasp* only in weeks?? Impossible!!

How to have a party without the daddy? Evening time as what che-che suggested. Not feasible. Who would come? And when kids are supposed to be sleeping??

In the end I can't make everyone happy, che-che is sad. Mei-mei still don't really understand though she keeps saying she wants a "Happy Birthday to Aricia party." Well at least there's still chance to celebrate che-che's BD in Nov but that's not being fair to mei-mei!! I'm sad coz'che-che is sad. Well, will probably keep it to family and make it simple. Make a grand one for the school?? Haha! With her in half day it's not possible either. And the best part is, I asked hubby if he wants to take off to celebrate for his girl. His reply was " I don't have to work is it??" Hmmmmmm...............

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