Sunday, August 9, 2009


Thought it's simply absurb that hubby agreed to bring the children to Marina area, when I told KZ to avoid going there (for her church service) on her off day - which is today.

It wasn't crowded at all, those who didn't want to be there avoided the place. We didn't have problem finding parking lot in Marina Square.

Cut the whole story short, che-che loved it. Aricia kept asking one Aunty for more fireworks - kept turning around and ask her. The 2 kids were standing where the tables are, quite inside. Well, thanks to the lady who kindly allowed them to be standing there. Aricia ended up talking to that lady and another lady (Aunty) standing next to me asking for fireworks. Haha! Cute lah that girl!

It was en experience for us. Eh.......I think I still prefer to stay at home to watch the Parade.

See how my girl sat!

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