Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PV Training

Was really excited over today's training, che-che was also excited that her mummy is going to her school. (I wonder why she or other children likes it when their mummies are in school. In our time, it was different. If our parents were in school on a normal school day, it could mean the teacher WANTS to see the parents over the slacking school work etc...)

I got to know other mummies during the chat sessions. I was the only parent volunteer from che-che's class apart from K - but she registered her name under the older girl's class so technically I'm the only parent. Unfortunately, we won't be assigned our children's classes, che-che was really sad when I told her the news. A few of us were "showing our faces" for the first time and we were welcomed warmly by the "old birds" and the CPCs. Like what the Chairperson said, "judging from the noise now, we won't have problem controlling the childrens' noise on that day; but we gotta control the noise the mummies' make."
The session then started with some mummies relating what are the lessons they learnt from last years' events. I hear "the P3s can challenge you, the P5s and P6s can be difficult to handle." Argh! That's not what I want to hear.....not when it's my first time volunteering help - scaring me off! Well they had better put me in a lower primary class, if not .... they won't see my face next year!! I don't know if I know how to handle the older girls afterall, I'm only a mother of a 7 and 3 years-old children. I intend to take things as they come; as my children grow and not think far far ahead on how to tackle older children. I don't know if I can get my message across to the kids if they misbehaved coz' the only thing I knew how to get my message across is when I asked passengers to fasten their seat belts and put up the window shades etc.. (hee!)

Well.........this will be a chance for me to see if I'm cut out to be a teacher. I think I'd prefer to teach preschoolers.

Since I already have one foot in this, there's no turning back for me. Face up to the challenges and wait for my post on this come 31st August. Meanwhile, I can probably look forward to the dry mee-siam they serve in school. Shiok-li-cious!!

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