Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eclairs (again)

I suspect I must have put lesser of the filling.. coz' how can the recipe call for 1 portion of dough and 2 portions of fillings and glaze? Either that, or I'm simply stingy?! Whatever it is, I couldn't put more coz' it was oozing out.

I did eclairs again today, making the dough and pipe the 'cooled to room temperature' filling and glaze. It was so fast!! Next time I will separate out the workload over two days (unlike that Friday when I was totally exhausted)

This time round, mom was in my place and I let her try. Both mom and bro gave me the thumbs up
I've never heard such positive remarks before, it's like mom can't help but keep talking about it. ?!?! So it goes to show this is the only thing I've made (so far) that is really nice and the rests are "I better say something nice to encourage my daughter". Hahaha!

Now I feel so .... super atas that I feel like making this for the Teachers Appreciation Lunch that is coming up in che-che's school next week. Nah! Think better not, I'm busy enough already.

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