Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disturbing sight!

How many times have you seen a sight like this??

The sight of an irresponsible woman walking infront with a small kid walking behind?

I'm so angry with what I saw this evening as I left the house for che-che's music lesson. If not for the fact that I was pressed for time, I would have stopped that stupid woman and give her a piece of my mind.

It was the sight of a maid walking infront of the child, leaving the child to walk alone BEHIND. And she continued walking without looking BEHIND HER ASS & yakking on the phone. What happened this evening, that girl threw tantrum and sat on the floor. Mind you, it was the small road where cars from main road turn into our estate. The girl in a dangerous spot where cars turning in would hit her. At that time, I was only 10m away from her when she suddenly sat down. I stopped the car while looking out for cars turning in. I suppose the girl must have cried, the maid turned her head to look at her prob said something to her, turned and continued walking without checking if the child followed her. Thankfully the child stood up and walked towards her in her small little steps while that (pardon me) @#$%-ing woman walked on and didn't even bother to check while still sashaying her backside and talking.

It's not the first time I've seen a maid doing this already, though this is the first time a child sat on the road. I've seen countless maids chatting on their phone and not taking good care of their charge either in the playground or in the void decks. And these people don't they have conscience? So what if he/she ain't their child?

Thankfully, KZ's not like her. I've seen how she cares for my kids, she protects them as much as she could.

1. Have you observed any irresponsible actions from maids? (note: when I'm angry with them, I call them maid)
2. Supposedly, if you noticed it was your neighbour's (or someone you know) maid doing this. Would you tell the employer?

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