Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kimberly's 7!

The class were invited to K's birthday party.

A little thick-skinned on my part as I asked her mummy if I could bring Aricia along too. Of course the answer is yes lah! How to decline? I
bought another present for K on behalf of Aricia.

Children were excited as long as it's a party and we went off after the children finished their lunch.

Turned out, 29 invitations were given and only less than 15 made it to the party. S, che-che's good friend was there. Today, she finally smiled at me!!! Must buy 4D liao! I thought che-che speaks fast.. boy! S speaks so much faster than che-che! She's like a train blah bleh blah bleh about. Funny girl!

Didn't get to see many parents. Many of them simply left their children there and went off. Sad right? As for me, I'd be taking photos of everything so that it goes into their album and .... firstly > HERE!

The game master started the games, the children had fun. It was basically a homely affair where the game master/mistress is a relative of the birthday girl. So sweet! Such warm loving family.

When it came to the cake-cutting, Aricia had to insist it was "sing Happy Birthday Aricia." To her, she thinks it's her birthday when she sees a cake. We explained to her and then she exclaimed "sing Happy Birthday to che-che." Technically she was referring to Athena but we nodded our head and said "yes to che-che" (K's also a che-che what?!) What touched my heart was when K so bravely said a big Thank You to everyone, family etc... You know this is the first time we went to a birthday party without eating the cake. I'm surprised that the kids didn't want any cake. Maybe they're sick and tired of cakes.

I must charge a modelling fee for Aricia next time. People snapped photos of that girl. S and che-che were seen holding hands (and I finally met S's parents when they came for her). S asked if che-che would go for a sleepover one day, then she turned to ask me if che-che is allowed. Of course nothing is official until we do get a real invitation from her parents. During this party I've seen how much S can change. That girl's really funny! She rebels, she shouts and then when she asks for permission to take photo with the birthday girl - she curtsy-ed "May I take a photo with you." LOL! Bet you'll roll on the floor when you see that sudden transformation in her.
Photos :

Top row : S and che-che, K (birthday girl) and che-che
Musical chair
Food : the cutest thing were the cuppies and cookies. Apparently I heard it's the helper who baked them and they didn't have any cookie cutter so she cut the cookies in free hand and draw the eyes etc... So cute!
Passing the parcel

Teamwork game - where the children had to fix a puzzle. Che-che's group finished 1st. Well done!
The remaining 2 teams
Relay game

* some photos will be uploaded in their respective blogs

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