Sunday, August 30, 2009

My week

Had been MIA this whole week. Infact I was down and out almost half of the week.


Suddenly didn't feel well in my tummy. No need to explain further what happened next - with purging and ___ I was really weak. The only time I slept like a piggy, the only time the kids were free from their maniac mother.


Didn't feel too well the next morning so asked hubby to help send che-che & mei-mei to school. Mei-mei was at the advantage, hubby felt he didn't have much time after dropping che-che off in school so let mei-mei stayed home. Lucky girl! After the long rest, I felt a little better to bring che-che home from school.


Mei-mei is still suffering from the 'I dowan to go to school' syndrome and it was made worse with her absence from school the day before. But I promised her I'd bring her to Mcs as I always do on every Wednesdays and she has to promise me that she'll go in to school without crying. "Okay mummy....." next minute she teared (again) made it worst when another kid refused to go school and burst out crying, she saw the girl and her eyes turned redder.

With nowhere to go and a shorter waiting time, I decided to stay put in PP. Stayed in Borders and read, if I said I was lethargic and weak..... oh boy! the books woke me up. I chanced upon this very interesting book,
Making Fine Chocolates by Andrew Garrison Shotts. Chocolates! Chocolates!

Friends know that I love all asthetically nice things and wanna try my hands on anything nice. (and I've only got a pair of hands and too many things to handle) This book teaches you how to be a chocolatier. Woah! I'm going crazy!! What I really liked about the book is that it teaches you how to do chocolate transfer sheets at home. I shouldn't start this coz' there's no end to things that I'd like to do but can't seem to accomplish.

The weekends :
Lazy mode this week... didn't have the mood to give children their lessons except to go through the LM with mei-mei. This day, I prepared the pastry filling as well as the glaze for the eclairs.
Prepared the dough. Argh! Ran out of All-Purpose flour and thought Top Flour would do fine since it's better than All-Purpose. So wrong...... Top Flour normally gives you a finer texture so I should have expected my eclairs to not retain the "pong pong-ness". Needless to say I was really disappointed with the results of my eclairs today. Wanted to chunk aside and asked KZ to help me buy a cake in a cake shop near the school. But in the end decided to be thick-skinned and asked her to give it to the school. Almost half a day gone preparing the eclairs. It's edible, taste-wise is not compromised, it only looks flattened. Ha! Never mind, I wasn't going to show my face at all.

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